1. Thanks so much for this inspiring post and the heartwarming pictures! I am now taking the same road you are already on. 😉

    I strongly feel that the time for talking is over. We need to get moving, all of us. Our own species current way of life kills not only its planet, but its health, pride and self-respect as well. Just for example: It makes me much more proud of myself to “cook” my own laundry detergent, shower gel and shampoo using organic soap nuts and essential oils, than anything I could ever buy in a shop! Never mind even the health aspect or the knowledge, that I haven’t introduced any artificial tensides into our water in a long time. One only begins to realize what this self-empowerment does to one’s wellbeing, when one finally fights to get it back.

    Next step will be to set up a permaculture Eco Lodge. With blood, sweat and tears, I expect – but I’ll never be stopped again. 😉

    • More power to you Anke…you are right, we need to get on with it and do the best we can, for we are strong, innovative, creative and willing to the task. Mother Earth needs all the help she can get!
      Blessings to you and your plans XXX

  2. Wow that looks totally amazing. A perfect paradise. Love permaculture abundance in transition. Hoping to do the same on a little patch somewhere soon.

  3. I just bought an old blacksmiths shop and house out in Western Illinois across the road from my farmer friend. I plan on creating a permaculture home there and yours is an inspiration. Next time I am over I am gonna try to get out to take a look at yours. Certainly inspiring.

  4. Oh Colette you are such an inspiration . I am currently researching to buy land in Wales. My plans are to do exactly the same as yourself. At present I’m researching biodynamic gardening and taking a lot of advice and tips from your amazing website . Please pray for my success in achieving this as land has got very expensive . However I am determined to find way as it’s one of my goals in life. Thank you for your wonderful website. Alana xx

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