1. It’s a lovely proposition, and the property looks fine for doing something like you’ve done. I get the Tiny House Newsletter email every day and, believe me, there’s never, ever any tiny houses for sale in Ireland! Is this property located near your own? I do like the house, but it would take quite a bit to add a sleeping loft and shower, plus lots more cabinet and storage space. It appears that your friend just uses it for a weekend get-away and hasn’t outfitted it for permanent, full-time living. The price seems high, with what work remains, no out buildings, not even 1/2 acre, and a wooden structure that might take a lot of maintenance in rain-rich Ireland. I’ve been seriously in the market for a wee cottage for at least the past 2 years, but I prefer a stone or concrete structure. You don’t happen to know of one of those in your area, for sale for say, 25-30,000 euros? 😉

    • Yes, it’s nearby.
      It’s possible to get an old cottage for around 30-40 thousand euros, but will have to spend that much again, at least, to make it habitable.
      There are lots of property websites here in Ireland where you can get info about places for sale.
      Most of the properties are in need of major repair.
      For example here, at Bealtaine cottage, I re-wired, plumbed from scratch, put in a multi-fuel stove, radiators, ceilings, double-glazing and a road into the cottage. The road alone cost me 4,500 euros…so, as you can see it’s an expensive task to get a home together. If I was doing it now, or had to rebuild it, I’d use wood and keep it to under 400 square feet. The real cost of a home is in living in it, so keep it as simple and small as possible. Good luck with your search.
      Blessings X

      • Thanks, Colette. My first home in County Kerry, in Jan. ’06, was probably about 600 sq. ft., typical concrete block house, probably little to no insulation, only a “range” that burned briquettes for heat; the place was freezing cold. It consisted of a kitchen/dining room/living room altogether, where the range sat, plus a bathroom (so cold!) and 2 small bedrooms (but one was used as a sort of library/sitting room. We rented that place (painted the entire interior, added mantles, lots of shelving and a garden shed, plus reclaimed the garden) for 200 euros/month. Then an inheritance enabled us (ex-husband and self) to buy an old stone cottage (covered over with concrete but falling off in places) of about 1,000 sq. ft., plus several outbuildings, for, on about 1/2 acre 81,000 euros. We had a small mortgage and spent more than 20,000 euros in six months, installing everything from radiators, kitchen, woodstove and wooden floors to garden benches and a full range of plants. I loved it, and I could’ve lived there forever. But, alas, things didn’t work out between us, so we sold the house and left Kerry. That was ’08, and I’ve been trying to get back on my own ever since. From what I’ve seen on the numerous sites I regularly check online, the estate agents don’t want to spend their time and money advertising inexpensive properties; they’re after the Big Money. I’ve even thought of having a tiny house built here in the U.S. and having it shipped over there, but I don’t know if that’s feasible atall. From past experience, I’ve found the best way to rent or buy an inexpensive house is through word-of-mouth, just like you’re doing to help your friend sell her tiny house. Then, there’s the issue of being a non-EU citizen, AND the problem of being a pensioner (OAP! Old Amazing Person!). I’ll keep looking, though. I’m confident, with all the friends I have looking for me a wee place in Ireland (Kerry, Galway and Clare), that something will turn up before I’m too, too old. 🙂

        Thanks again for your lovely, quick reply. I read your free blog faithfully, but I can’t yet join the membership site.


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