One Million Celebration!

Garden permaculture at 082

Sometime today, Bealtaine Cottage will be viewed for the 999,999th time.

It will, thereafter, have reached one million views!

Garden permaculture at 083

Who would have ever thought that this little place, tucked away as it is in the West of Ireland, would have become such a beacon in these troubled times?

Garden permaculture at 084

I never imagined so many people would flock here to find inspiration and comfort, but they have and you continue.

Garden permaculture at 085

The journey continues here.

Garden permaculture at 089

Better ways of living with Mother Earth are under constant scrutiny and reflection.

Garden permaculture at 092

Visitors come and go, always taking away strategies and ideas to use, as well as plants and seeds.

Garden permaculture at 094

Basic concepts of sustainable living are explained…the shock of the “Compoost Loo” morphs into admiration for it’s sheer simplicity and hygiene.

Garden permaculture at 107

The miracle that Nature has performed here in such a short space of time becomes more visible with each photograph.

Garden permaculture at 097

The realisation that everything is possible when one embraces Mother Earth as a co-creator, rather than something to be abused and driven.

Garden permaculture at 101

I began writing about this journey and photographing Her magic back in 2011, as a way of trying to convince people that what we stand upon is part of us…we shape our world by how we live.

Garden permaculture at 108

Bealtaine Cottage has become a little centre of hope in a world where we are continually told we are a blight upon the Earth.

Garden permaculture at 134

We are not!

This is what we are capable of…helping Her to nurture us, as we in turn care for Her. Garden permaculture at 163


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  1. It’s impossible not to be inspired by what you’ve done, Colette. I’ve incorporated many of your teachings into my own garden on the east coast of Australia – different climes but the principles remain the same and my 1/4 acre garden is so much healthier for it. Thank you so much for sharing. X

  2. Warmest congratulations, Colette – you have so much to be proud of. And the photographs on this post are beautiful.

  3. That is an impressive number of views. And also when you think of the number of people you are influencing, it boggles the mind.I’m working hard to make my tiny space as beautiful as yours. The soil must be built up first. There is nothing but hard clay in the summer and it’s slick and mushy in winter. I need to make dirt first. You are an inspiration. Thank you.

  4. Congratulations! While I live and garden quite a way away … in the land Downunder … I relish every photo, every sentence and all the experiences and wisdom you have to impart. I love dropping by for a visit and I do find inspiration and comfort in your posts.

  5. congratulations to a wonderful perma goddess who has lit a beacon for all of us to see and to help us light our own wherever we may be on this wonderful gaia.
    love and light
    gail x

  6. Congratulations! Well done! Thank you so much. If I imagine that everybody who has looked at the blog has made one positive change in their lives I can imagine a wonderful future for our planet and for humankind. xxx

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