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A Simple Life

Not wanting something is as good as possessing it.


14 years of Goddess Permaculture at Bealtaine Cottage, West of Ireland...drop in, power up! Colette O'Neill is a writer, photographer and teacher who has devoted the past 14 years to turning 3 acres of derelict land into a woodland sanctuary for all life, planting over 1,100 trees in the process.

5 thoughts on “A Simple Life

  1. I am very fortunate in that my own Mother before me set an example that taught me many things, among them was how to be sensibly frugal and to be an efficient manager of time. It was her nature to be as she was, but starting her household during the Great Depression reinforced her purposes.

  2. I love the Victoria Moran quote. I have saved it. I believe in frugality. Not in cheapness. I had so many “discussions” with the last husband about it. I did not need to accumulate things I could not use so have always given things away. He was concerned that we should make some money from it. I told him you cannot out give God. The more you give, the better the life. In the end, he almost got it. By the same sense, when dining out, if you can’t afford to tip nicely, stay home and cook. Especially if the service was good. I love coming here. Thank you.

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