1. Hi Colette, Loved this post! In California we have “smart meters” for our electricity. Just last week a utility truck pulled up to my house, a guy got out and proceeded to test and stare at my meter for over a hour. Apparently they needed to make sure I was not stealing from them or that the meter was not defective, because they thought there was no way I used so little electricity. I have no TV, washing machine, have LED lights, etc. I have to say it’s really sad when someone that saves energy is almost looked at as doing something criminal.

    • I agree…we should be rewarded and here’s how…everyone should have a certain amount of low price electric supply, then after that allowance is used, the price can double, or even treble…or more! Thus encouraging low use and no need for a continually expanding supply system! However, corporate capitalism is all about using more, extracting more and wrecking Mother Earth for us! Blessings X

  2. how very true, people have so much stuff ! most of it useless, we can all save on water and electric….i was wondering how you manage with internet ? i too am living very frugrally on a very low budget but would like access to the internet. it is lovely to connect with people.

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