The Best Medicine!

The best medicine is accessible to all…

Bealtaine Cottage

Lists are great things to spend time on.

Despite the wet weather, I’ve been busy making a comprehensive list of what to grow …and the reasons why I should.

The ability to store food is at the forefront of my thinking.

I’ve discovered this year that Beetroot stores very well indeed.

Not just that it stores well, but is a first class root vegetable in the making of healthy juice.

www.bealtainecottage.comThis is one taken from a box in the pantry and cut open to be juiced.

Last year was the first year that I grew this wonderful root vegetable and was surprised at how easy it was to grow! www.bealtainecottage.comThe tunnel is now ready to sow.

Most of the seeds will go into the polystyrene fish boxes I used last year.

www.bealtainecottage.comI simply scattered the seeds into the filled boxes and pricked out the seedlings as they came on…the healthiest were those from…

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15 thoughts on “The Best Medicine!

  1. I love beets! I was astounded to find out from Charles Dowding that beets can be started in pots and transplanted, until like most root vegetables, and that was a revelation and life-saver for me because we are plagued (plagued, I tell you!) with slugs up here in Oregon. Transplanting beets has made them completely doable.

    I’, very interested in your polytunnel because it’s way better looking than most I’ve seen and definitely way better than mine. Do you have instructions somewhere on how you made it or can up put those up for us? Homemade is great, in my book!


  2. We don’t have much in our garden this season because of severe rains, but I am preparing meals from the freezers and from my canned foods. We actually need to eat those down a bit before spring gardening. I’m thankful we have our reserves.

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  3. Hi Colette Its great to see the different stages of your polytunnel through the wonderful pictures you post. I am intrigued to know the length of your polytunnel that you use, as I consider joining in with polytunnel growers. May long be today’s sunshine …..

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