1. I identify with pantheism in that the natural world should be revered and preserved in all its glory. Mother nature is my ‘temple’ and in these times there is hurt and sadness when we see what we humans are doing to her. But for me ‘In the end there is only love’

  2. Speaking of religion, I do have many questions and confusion on the subject but my belief is so deeply routed in me I don’t think I’ll ever question that. Just the account of those reporting his words. If that makes sense. I like to think of the Lord as my father and the earth as my mother. Not for everyone of course but it works for me. You are so right” in the end there is only love!” Not sure if it’s your personal quote but I intend to quote it. Have fun on your visit.

  3. Yes Colette, there is only love. I know this because my father and best friend died nearly thirty years ago. He was supposed to spend Christmas day with us, but died on Christmas eve. On christmas morning, I went out to the kitchen to check on the dinner and naturally was feeling dreadful. While I was standing attending to some food something very strange happened. I was enveloped in what I can only describe as pure love, as if I was floating in it. I didn’t see anything, but in my head I heard my father’s voice. He just said, “it’s all right you know”. I looked around the kitchen and the love floated away, and I didn’t want it to. I’m crying as I write this, but when I saw your words, I had to tell you this, even though I know I’m opening myself to ridicule.
    Much love to you.

    • No ridicule here, as I have experienced similar and often. My spiritual understanding has deepened to the extent that religion seems to me of no importance, as my deeper understanding transcends patriarchal religions.

      • Thanks for all your fantastic ‘reflections’ this year Colette – they have been inspiring to say the least! We are also atheists – although we can say atheist ‘prayers’ when we need to – but as ‘radical (meaning ‘at the root’) feminists’ we, like yourself, regard orthodox religions as ‘patriarchal’ as is the dominant ‘world order’ (one only needs to look at the relative circumstances of women & children everywhere to confirm this).Regardless, we also believe in compassion and recognise that men are also conditioned into these patriarchal systems and for things to change we need to change masculinist/capitalist attitudes which reinforce exploitation and violence between all human beings regardless of sex, ethnicity etc etc. ‘Motherearth’ is as you say the centre of everything and more education about permaculture for example, (instead) of acquisitiveness, individualism and normalisation of violence could help us change this destructive, wrecking’ path we are on.
        We wish you all ‘good’ things for 2016 and look forward to more of the wisdom that flows from you at Bealtaine Cottage.
        Della & Ruth (Albany, Western Australia)

        • The subject of belief for me is deeply personal and is a journey I embrace. people often ask me what I believe in and my answer is simply that I wear no label. I am aware of of a universal consciousness, for many reasons. That is all I know. My journey is free to embrace and explore life. I was once a fervent believer in patriarchal religion, but reflecting on the me as was, I realise it’s all a journey of evolution. Life is interesting and everything is possible. Blessings to you both on a New Year and all the wonder it brings. XXX Colette

    • Love lasts. Forever. I smell my Grandmother at certain times and my Great-Grandmother comes to see me. I smell roses and lilacs when they come… Love joins our souls and hearts…. how coul dit not continue after we leave our bodies? It is only a framework for our true selves….

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