The Videos are Back!

Happy to announce that the Bealtaine Cottage YouTube channel has not died and gone to Heaven…for Heaven is a place on Earth! The first video of 2016…enjoy…and don’t forget to leave a comment, like, or even SHARE!



  1. i am loving seeing your videos again colette and also love seeing your lovely boys too.

  2. What a lovely cottage and beautiful garden,and such a sweetie of a dog, well done for all your hard work, it’s a real credit to you xxx

  3. Have just watched the video. Wow !! Could have wandered around with you for hours. Especially as an Irish woman in the UK , I felt the connection with home quite special. Thanks. Mary

  4. Hi,
    Loved your garden. I would like to know whether you live off the Grid at Bealtaine cottage.? Do you live all 12 months at the cottage? Have great weekend.

  5. Yeah!…….Your little phone did a great job! The rhubarb makes me drool it looks super healthy and will taste delicious, just like Spring! Take care bless bless! Heather 🙂

  6. Yeah! ….. Your little phone did a good job, and your Rhubarb makes me drool because it looks so healthy and I love to eat it too! I’ve yet to get my Rhubarb bed established yet but one thing at a time! Happy Spring! 🙂

  7. The Gulf Stream is an amazing thing! You are north of Pennsylvania, USA – and yet so very much ahead of us with the garden’s progress into spring. I look forward to your posts – and this one was especially wonderful.

  8. Good to see the gardens and Jack seem to be fully enjoying it too. Thank you for sharing and for taking such care of our Mother Earth….I am looking forward to the earth thawing here so that I can do the same here.Blessings my friend!

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