1. I cannot imagine anyone sending the coppers out to Bealtaine to confiscate the cuttings and having you arrested. Licensing life FFS is totally wrong and I would be glad to be a part of (oh what’s the words for it, I remember now) ~ ~ {{[Civil Disobedience]}} ~ ~ 😀

  2. Who cares about rules! Nature doesn’t – if a little offshoot should happen to grow into another plant, who would tell the company? Go for it and stuff the companies!

  3. I won’t buy plants like that either, it makes me so angry that these dreadful companies behave like this. I hope they all go broke! I’m off to the bootsale on Sunday to see what plants I can find. Last year I bought a small pot of wild garlic. Today I saw a few little ones coming up next to the plant, so exciting! I know I’ll have to watch it spreading too much, but it’s very nice in a Risotto.

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