Constructing Raised Beds in Permaculture Gardens

Bealtaine Cottage, Ireland

Do you believe in Fairies?

There are times when the only way I have of explaining the growth of everything  here at the permaculture smallholding that is Bealtaine Cottage, is by citing the Fairies as the little workers that sally forth at night, as the sun descends and their Fairy Forts allow them exit…and here’s what I mean…

This bed is less than 3 weeks old, built and planted out on the same weekend…now look at the growth!

Well, it must have been the Fairies, because it wasn’t the chemical companies that most people use to grow food…

Mirrored cottage of Bealtaine Permaculture CottageTalking of which, I was in Lidyl this morning and they had some lovely Rose Bushes for sale.

I did what I always do, I read the label…and oh, the utter disappointment!

It read that the Rose was licensed and one could not grow cuttings from it!


Not grow cuttings?


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6 thoughts on “Constructing Raised Beds in Permaculture Gardens

  1. I cannot imagine anyone sending the coppers out to Bealtaine to confiscate the cuttings and having you arrested. Licensing life FFS is totally wrong and I would be glad to be a part of (oh what’s the words for it, I remember now) ~ ~ {{[Civil Disobedience]}} ~ ~ 😀

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  2. Who cares about rules! Nature doesn’t – if a little offshoot should happen to grow into another plant, who would tell the company? Go for it and stuff the companies!

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  3. I won’t buy plants like that either, it makes me so angry that these dreadful companies behave like this. I hope they all go broke! I’m off to the bootsale on Sunday to see what plants I can find. Last year I bought a small pot of wild garlic. Today I saw a few little ones coming up next to the plant, so exciting! I know I’ll have to watch it spreading too much, but it’s very nice in a Risotto.

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