Fairy Tree Burial

september 2011 bealtaine cottage 012An ancient land, old superstitions and human burial are all part of this intriguing story of love and rejection.

May blossom at Bealtaine CottageJoin me as I recount the story of The Fairy Tree and what lies beneath…


  1. What a lovely story. I shed some tears remembering my lost baby, who while Ojibwa, was buried in holy Catholic ground at the wishes of his father. I wholeheartedly agree that nothing is lost and that our spirit carries on as part of the universal spirit of love. Thank you for that wonderfully comforting tale, which incidentally, I too believe. Must be my Irish ancestry.

  2. Hello from Utah, USA. I sure did enjoy your video on the fairy wood. I had to giggle when you were in the tunnel and you were not sure what was coming up. I seem to have that problem here in my garden too. I have been blessed to visit Ireland twice. In 2010 with my son and in 2012 0n my own. I love what you have done with your land. When I was in Ballyvaughn,I went into a church there and in the graveyard was a circle of stones I took a photo because it just touched my soul. On my second trip back I took the photo with me, I shoed it to our tour guide and she explained to me that it was a place for babies who passed away before the were baptized. Have you ever read the book The Killeen by Mary Leland ?I love your web site and all the beautiful photos you share. I hope to come back again. Blessed Be, Vicki

  3. Hi Collette, Yes , we watched and enjoyed your video. As usual it left us feeling good, inspired and positive. Thank you, Patrick and Jess.

  4. Thank you, that was beautiful. I was imagining the brambles forming a womb of sorts for the tree and the soul buried beside it over the many years. I can sense the magic of that fairy wood, even whilst sitting on my couch in Canada. Lovely.

  5. I didn’t want this video to end it was beautiful, what a lovely story about the fairies looking after the babies, I believe they do too.your fairy wood is so magical xx

  6. Thank you so much for the beautiful walk around the fairy wood. My husband was also listening in the background and commented on the account of babies not being buried in consecrated ground by the so called christian church. His family came from Fontmell Magna in Dorset. They were farm labourers and had probably been there for centuries. A baby was born into the family and unfortunately the house caught fire. The baby was rescued, but due to smoke inhalation died. As it hadn’t been baptised, the vicar refused to bury the child in the church yard. The family were forced to bury the little soul on the heath. Like you, I have no time for the church and their unchristian ways.
    I really must visit Ireland sometime soon. I have lots of Irish ancestry I have discovered, which probably accounts for my large collection of Irish music!

    • I have never understood lack of compassion…it is what we have as a species that is supposed to connect us to the Divine…whatever that may be…I have personal experience of such lack in the church I was brought up in, sad to say!

      • I don’t remember where I read this a few years ago, but there is a theory that the original story in Saxon times was, that it was Queen Guinevere and her knights, and that Arthur was only a knight. It would have been quite in order for Guinevere to bed whoever she pleased. At that time women were considered equals and only with the arrival of the patriarchal Normans did they change the story and brought into question Guinevere’s morality.

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