1. This last few weeks have been a mix of planting trees and cutting some back. In a smaller garden to yourn, yet not so small, the balance of trees has to be managed and enjoyed. Better than the garden just south of here with just grass, nothing but grass, a path straight down the middle and a washing line. Here we have height and depth and hidden wildlife of birds song, of ponds full of creatures, of nature doing the thing nature does best: Living and growing beautifully.

  2. I, too, am a tree planter. On a smaller scale, of course, as I have only my urban backyard. I am planting a food forest and now have 17+ fruit and nut trees, along with currants, gooseberries, cape gooseberries, strawberries, gogi berries, elderberries, herbs and annual food crops. I live in California and we only recently got a decent rain after 4 years of drought. My “forest” loves it and has become a jungle. And I love it. I stood in the first rain and just let it pour down on me I was so happy to see it.

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