Under A Full Moon in the Magical Gardens


I made this video this evening so you can enjoy a walk through the gardens and see what’s growing and coming to blossom.


Happy to be appreciated!

11 thoughts on “Under A Full Moon in the Magical Gardens

  1. Just finding a moment to watch this now and I am so glad I did 🙂 Your house looks lovely – I love sage green! And the stroll through your woods and garden was so tangibly peaceful ❤ I love the quickening time too 🙂 Have a lovely weekend! x Kim


  2. What a garden for meditation…………..it’s greed ,pure and simple greed that make people abuse the earth.This obsession with money,it will be the ruin of us !
    blessings xx

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  3. Thanks Colette – just on my way out to walk around my garden, check all my baby plants and close up the polytunnel. As usual, got lots of inspiration from your video. And to let you know, I have just re subscribed. Wow – that year went fast. I couldn’t believe it and thought there was something wrong with the computer when I couldn’t get in to the site but all well again now. xxx


  4. Thank you for a lovely video of the garden in that beautiful moonlight. When I was a little girl my auntie lived next to woods in Kent and lots of Primroses would seed themselves in her garden. I loved gardening even when I was little, so I asked my auntie if I could have one of her Primrose plants for my little bit of garden that my dad let me have, I split those Primroses and with the little seedlings , all my Primroses today are from that original plant from 50 years ago . Xxx

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