The Watchers


Here in the study the light is low as the day fades into the west.  

DSC00106Ten O’Clock rings out as I take up my camera and head out into the warm evening.

DSC00107I have enjoyed visitors for much of the day, so stepping out into the evening allows me time to be quiet and absorb the ending of the day. 

DSC00108“Be calm…calm as a calm lagoon, then you will look beautiful as a beautiful calm lagoon crowned by the Moon and sheltered by the brilliance of the stars reclaiming your royalty of regal life…”
Oksana Rus 

DSC00109The light lends an ethereal touch to everything. 

DSC00110“When one tunes in into nature’s frequency, life becomes change, change becomes hope!”
Aniekee Tochukwu 

DSC00111The birds continue to fly to and fro their nestlings in a frenzy to keep them fed.

DSC00112Fortunately, Bealtaine Cottage can now support dozens of pairs of breeding birds and all from the plentiful supply of food in the gardens and food forest. 

DSC00113DSC00114DSC00115“It was that time of dusk when there is a—deepening of the interior shadows. It is a melancholy time: all you need do is switch on one lamp and the inside and the outside will separate, held apart by the reflections in the glass, and evening will begin.”
Rudolph Delson 

DSC00117DSC00116DSC00118As always at this time of evening, there is magic in the air.

DSC00120DSC00121DSC00125Flowers are dancing in billows of colour around the cottage.

DSC00137DSC00127DSC00138As I walk, snapping pictures here and there, I fancy my camera may capture an image of the other world that is veiled so very thinly at this time of day…

DSC00119DSC00124DSC00123I sense the watchers…

…and then

…something moves,

DSC00142and is gone in the blink of a lens.

(This photo is as it appears…I NEVER use photoshop!)



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  1. I love the way the evening comes and goes, so softly, so quickly , so mysteriously and the way the color of blue seems to emphasize itself in those ephemeral moments.

  2. Enchanting realms are all around but most visible in the nurturing presence of a loving Soul who cares for all living things. So comforting to know that we are never alone. It is in the beauty and peace of nature where we can see beyond the scope of our limited senses the best. There is only Love governing your garden Colette and you are so very blessed. Thank you for sharing all these wonderful gifts with us. You are a blessing to us.

  3. I’m new to your blog and am just blown away by the beautiful garden you’ve created out of what the earth gave you. We are in the middle of trying to sell our house and move somewhere where we have a few acres of land and can create a Permaculture garden to feed our needs and those of the wild things we hope to share it with. Inspiration abounds on your blog – thank you and blessings. Angie

  4. Oh Colette that last photo is Magical. I would have love to have been there with you. It could be the fairys playing in the twilight…. Or the spirit of a loved one who wanted to walk around your beautiful garden with you. Xxx

  5. kind of like the book, the Mists of Avalon-a whole other world that was not normally visible to those who didn’t inhabit it-just to a chosen few.

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