While Rome Burns…

It doesn’t have to be this way…

Bealtaine Cottage, Ireland

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There are no solutions to the instability in the world that I care to offer, as my voice is irrelevant in the scheme of things that cause mayhem and war.

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I can only offer advice on what works for me…on what keeps me sane in a world filled with lunacy!

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Keep grounded!

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Do what you have to do and do it well!

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Look ahead into the seasons and make plans for planting, working, visiting and caring for the world around you.

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Think about ways in which you can heal the world around you, be positive and nurture.

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Don’t allow the mayhem to grind you down…life went on after the Fall of Rome, as well we know!

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Remember, even as war, austerity and breakdown of society is happening right now in countries around the globe, people continue to look after their children, grow food, make food, wash clothes and generally get…

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  1. david atkinson

    just had a morning building up my leaf mould and compost heaps…widespread frost – cobalt sky – both wren and robin for company…came in for late lunch and fatally put teletext on for news headlines…i agree, we can only try to show that treading softly is so less damaging.

    David x

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    1. I avoid the news as much as possible! Your gardening morning sounds idyllic! Blessings x


  2. You have a beautiful home and garden, and I completely agree with your message to stay grounded.

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  3. I have been following you for some time. Love what you are doing.

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