A Peaceful Passing

IMG_1847There is something so simple, yet so unique about Goddess Permaculture. IMG_1848It’s evident to all who visit Bealtaine Cottage. IMG_1849It is the connectedness of everything. IMG_1851Earlier today, whilst walking the woodland gardens, I discovered the body of a fox. IMG_1855It had come to Bealtaine to die…a safe place, a quiet place where only the birdsong held sway in the shady gardens near the silt pond. IMG_1860The beautiful creature had already made itself known to me in the preceding days… IMG_1864Sometime last week, in the early hours of the morning, between three and four, I was awoken by a cry and then Jack barking. IMG_1869I got up and looked out through the glass of the front door. IMG_1873There it was, one of the oldest foxes I had ever seen, quite thin and scraggy, crossing the gravel by the front of the cottage. IMG_1876It is rare for me to rise out of bed at that hour, but something drew me to look. IMG_1877I now know it was this beautiful, old fox bidding me farewell…one last lap of honour around Bealtaine Cottage, before it laid itself to rest in a quiet, cool spot of safety for it’s final hours. IMG_1881I feel honoured that this once beautiful creature chose Bealtaine Cottage to die. IMG_1884A place of sanctuary. IMG_1888Somewhere, in a world where it was hunted, reviled and pushed out, that it found a place to simply die. IMG_1889This evening, as I write, I feel honoured and blessed to have witnessed such a life and peaceful passing.



  1. I’m so glad you posted this. Two years ago we had a coyote come to our back to die. Coyotes always avoid people but he had been poisoned and came to our OakMeadows to die in peace. He was a beautiful adult male and it breaks my heart that someone would do that to such a beautiful creature. He came where peace reigns to die.

  2. From dust we came, to dust we return,but the eternal spirit of all creation lives forever. Dying in peace is a wonderful way to leave this earth. He found that peace at your door.

  3. A beautiful and sad story but remember the final look of peace that surround the fox it came the right
    place to return to the earth. This cottage and its natural beauty stays in my mind, for a few moments I forget the lands that have been damage by wars and pollution, it is a return to the
    Garden of Eden,

  4. Thank you so much for sharing such a poignant
    passing of one of nature’s most beautiful creatures,this fox found solace and peace in the haven you have created. I can understand why this fox laid his weary head to rest when you have captured such admirable beauty in these images. Thanks for letting us all connect visually and spiritually with this beautiful animal,the fox.
    Anna Farrelly

  5. Hello Collette. How fitting as I just lost my baby Hector after nearly 15 years. You knew him too a genuinely gentleman. You’ve helped me grieve and see the red thread that binds us all in life and death. Thank you darling. Janet & Hector forever in my heart.

  6. Hello Collette. How fitting as I just lost my baby Hector after nearly 15 years. You knew him too a genuinely gentleman. You’ve helped me grieve and see the red thread that binds us all in life and death. Thank you darling. Janet & Hector forever in my heart.

  7. The Fox is one of my favorite animals. So beautiful and so ADAPTABLE! I’m so glad he or she found refuge at Bealtaine Cottage and foxes are a great symbol for Bealtaine Cottage!

  8. So so very sad , I’m crying while writing this . The little fox must have felt so at peace and safe to close his eyes and go to sleep in your beautiful garden Colette. Bless you little fox, rest in peace . Blessings xxxx

  9. Annnndddd….sobbing. happy tears, though. If I could pick picks place to transition, it would be there, too. Sending much love, my friend. xxxooo

  10. Sweet dreams Old Fox. Oh how you have earned this. You were drawn to Bealtaine Cottage and it’s welcome safe haven, at long last you may rest.

  11. Bless his sweet soul, he was following the light to a place of love, where the veil between this world and the other side is so thin that the spiritual light easily shines through. That was a great honor. Bless you for nurturing such a sacred sanctuary on this earth.

  12. Your story of the fox was so magical. It moved me deeply. I would love to send you my story of a badger that I wrote after my mother died. Please may I have your me mail address?

  13. magical that the old fox knew his soul would be at rest at the cottage…how blessed you are <3

  14. I am crying. Collete Thank you for creating and making your place a wildlife sanctuary where bees, butterflies, birds, bats, foxes, kitties can find a safe place.
    A kiss to jack

  15. How wonderful that the fox found his sanctuary but how sad your reminder that his life was spent being hunted and reviled. It is so annoying the way people regard animals doing their thing as if everything should fit in with us humans! So glad he found peace.

  16. Sad but beautiful post. I’m not surprised the old Fox chose to die at Bealtaine…somewhere peaceful and beautiful and where his passing would be noted with love and honoured.

  17. Sad for the passing of the fox. Happy that you provided a place where it felt safe to spend its last hours before crossing the Rainbow Bridge. On behalf of the fox, thank you Colette for providing such a haven before Heaven.

  18. What a beautiful story of the death of the fox. I am so glad that he was able to get to a place of peace to surrender his spirit.

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