My Best Ideas…

IMG_8466…flit into my head as I walk the woodland sanctuary, for it is here that I feel able to simply be, unaware of even myself!

IMG_8459I imagine this is the same for most people, for it is in this state of unawareness that the creative mind begins to flow evenly, unstoppable.

IMG_8465It was in walking among the trees yesterday that thoughts began to emerge about writing and where it all began for me in earnest.

IMG_8462It was of course here at Bealtaine Cottage where I found “a room of ones own,” as Virginia Woolf referred to the creative space.

IMG_8422However it’s not just about space, but time also.

Here I have more time to simply be.

IMG_8417My brother Hugh understands the importance of creative space.

Hugh lives a solitary, happy life, in a small cottage without electricity, where he writes poetry and creates from hedgerow wood and excavated Bog Oak.

IMG_8432Although Hugh had never seen any of the images unearthed by Professor Marija Gimbutas, as she carried out her archaeological work in Old Europe, he was moved by the forces around his little cottage to carve this strikingly similar Bird Goddess image into an Ash walking stick for me. IMG_8431Much of the creativity I am immersed in is governed and directed on a deeply magical level by Mother Earth too.

IMG_8427I use the word “magical,” for what I cannot rationally explain.


  1. Just looking at your photos fills me with joy and inspires me to recreate my creative space. I spend a good deal of time in nature, my garden is small but thrives, I hike the forest trails when I can, often just a nice long walk in the park can get the creative energy flowing. I love the walking stick your brother carved its just beautiful.

  2. I think you are one of the white witches. I live in America where I have a permaculture farm. You make so much sense to me and keep me going. I am Irish. My people are from Kildare and Tipperary. I think it is in the blood. I have always believed in the wee people and have a love for flower, plants and trees and mother earth that is so deep that it is really my only salvation. I live a solitary life as a hedge witch which I never understood until now. Visit my website at to learn more. I am so glad you took this journey and some day I would love to come visit you my Irish friend. I love your home and gardens and your beingness brings me joy.

  3. Mother Earth is so inspiring, I’m totally convinced when we’re out marvelling at nature, we’re tapped into source energy big time, the creative spirit flows so abundantly. Loving these nuggets, Colette 🙂

  4. I was journaling about some of these same ideas myself this AM…the time & space/place to simplify my life…I enjoy a quiet, solitary life to think things through via the journal which I have been keeping for 40 years…still looking for a quiet, solitary place….maybe a tiny house off the grid somewhere to retreat…your efforts at the Beltaine Cottage are an inspiration…thank you!

  5. Love this, It is difficult to find a quiet, solitary place to think and create. The walking stick is beautiful.

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