An Alien World

An Alien World…

I ventured out yesterday, a rare enough event in the passing of time. On this occasion I drove to Sligo on a specific quest to the Health Food Shop that is Tir Na Nog, an Irish phrase meaning ‘Land of Youth.’ The streets of Sligo were almost empty. I walked along the pavements unhurried by other people in this usually, (before all changed some months back), busy county town…or city as many now refer to it!

So much has happened over recent months that has changed the very fabric of our society, and it shows! People avoiding each other on the street, few stopping to chat, (and Ireland is a place where people love to stop and exchange news and views)!

Walking along the pleasant streets of Sligo was very tiring. I felt the energy drain away from me as I moved…such a strange experience! The joy left me as I trudged. Trudge is a strangely evocative word and one that I have rarely ever used, but, on this occasion it seemed to sum up the entirety of the experience. I felt quite exhausted getting back into the car to drive the forty minute journey home to Bealtaine Cottage. My relief as I neared home was almost exhilarating!

Much has happened to change our everyday lives, but more has been put in place that has changed our experience of the world around us. It is as though we have entered Limbo as we collectively wait for a return to normal. Normal now seems alien to us…human interaction, excitement of a ‘day out,’ lunch at a familiar cafe, the list goes on. Yet…

the natural world remains unchanged by it all! In fact, it has thrived!

There has never been such abundance as has manifested this year on these three acres! I have thought that there has been a huge shift in energy from us to Mother Earth. Or, perhaps our own longing for Nature has fuelled the exceptional growth. Who can tell how energy works? We have failed in our small and insignificant attempts to understand the planet we inhabit, preferring to concentrate our energy and resources on looking to the heavens and beyond for answers!

Our experience of the world of humans has changed.

The shift in consciousness has begun.


  1. Hello Colette i have never been on twitter facebook or instagram from what i have heard, the poison there slips in thru the eye sockets and gets wedged in the bones and aches the body and spirit. It would be nice if people were just good in the spirit. Like my food, i like to keep it clean and full of wisdom and magic and wonder, so here i am to consume thru my eyes all the beauty your hard work offers me. Iam grateful and i appreciate the energy you exchange with mother earth. Breathtaking Colette, truly breathtaking. You send out an energy so powerful and radiant, your message rings the bell. Thank you.

  2. Colette, I have watched your beautiful vids for a long time without realising you are on WordPress – so glad to find you here, quite by accident – I was searching WP for information on wildflowers 🙂 Appreciate all that you do. Warmest wishes 🌿

  3. I find myself having to do the ‘girding of the loins’ when heading out into the world. A dissonance hangs over everything … and I too, feel my Spirit lifting the closer to home I get again.
    I’ve missed the last couple of your videos, (am catching up on a lot of interwebz-y stuff this afternoon) and I’m saddened to hear the troll brigade is again out in force. A pox on all their houses!

  4. Keep up the great work Colette You are living my dream. Fair play to you and lovely Jack. keep planting and harvesting and ignore “feck” the begrudgers how dare they tell you what to do. You are so generous sharing your world of Mother Nature and the hard work you have put in and I am Planting because our life depends on it as you’ve said and because you’ve got through. Keep safe mind yourself. 💕Colette we have the same name 😊


  5. I made a trip to this well when I visited Ireland and spent a few days in Sligo in Sept 2014. I had read the well was very ancient, and that people went there that had back problems to lean back against a certain stone next to the well. I did exactly that as I have a chronic back condition. I asked to be able to manage getting around during our 16 day trip to many sacred ancient sites. I was pleasantly surprised to be able to manage walking to many places, even making it very slowly up the hill at Loughcrew to the mound Cairn T at dawn on the Autumn Equinox. — niniann

  6. I was so sad to learn of the horrible negative comments on your YouTube videos. I have only just discovered the videos and am so enjoying going through them and am getting so much inspiration for my own garden . It certainly is nothing to do with anyone else what you choose to do with the harvest on your own land. it is my understanding that the whole point of Bealtaine Cottage is regenerate the earth and to provide food and shelter for all the wild creatures who live in and around it from the resulting bounty – anyone who has actually read your website and watched your films would surely be aware of that. I really hope that you will return to YouTube soon. I’m looking forward to the arrival of your book about the cottage and the land.

    • Ah, it didn’t last long for the Earth magic prevailed and spurred me onwards. The negativity rises to a certain point and is then washed away on a tide of Earth cleansing! Blessings X Colette

  7. Evening dear Colette , I have just listened to your last YouTube video . How sad , how dare people tell you what to do in your own garden . There are far too many controlling people out there . I have a family member who is always trying to tell me what to do , I get so angry , and that’s bad enough but to have strangers telling you . You are one amazing lady that has changed my life around 100% , and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for that . I will look forward to your next video , whenever you decide to make one . You are so well loved Colette , please never forget that . Relax and enjoy your break . Blessings and hugs to you and darling Jack xxx

    • Dear Colette I am so angry for you .How dare these people tell you how to manage your life and what you should do.people like that do not deserve you wasting your precious time on them .. I adore your videos and always look forward to seeing them and picking up some very good ideas even though I have a postage stamp size are a wonderful person and what you have achieved through hard work is a credit to you .Rant over.Blessings to you Colette .

      • All is well. I am protected by the Goddess…and should have more cognisance of that! I am ever driven forward by Earth energies, but the human fear brings me down at times.

  8. Absolutely right, Collette, although here in New Zealand we are extremely fortunate at the moment with the Covid situation. The vagaries of the weather continue here also, too dry or too wet but Nature is amazing, we need that connection – I’ve just picked jasmine, salvias, heliotrope, the first freesias (!), roses and the calendulas are all flowering. Winter on steroids!! xx

  9. Hello Colette.. it’s been the strangest of times for sure, although I have been in more or less the same routine as usual. As an essential worker I have been going to work all through this pandemic. But the changes we have had to make in my job have been difficult to follow to say the least.. and it’s not going to go back to ‘normal’ anytime soon. The phrase ‘ getting back to normal’ is all you hear from people.. but is there a ‘normal’ to go back to? Maybe the ‘normal’ people have been living is what got us to this point in the first place? People need to rethink on how they can make changes for the future and the planet. Let’s face it, ‘ Normal’ wasn’t working. I love to follow your videos and writings.. I remember in one of your videos just as this pandemic was starting to take hold of almost everywhere.. you were in the gardens at Bealtaine and you said.. ‘ This is real life all around us..’ I loved that because it’s so true. Mother Nature is real life.. she has brought great comfort in the midst of uncertainty.. Thanks for all your wonderful content you share every day.. Many Blessings to You and Jack. Xxx.


    • We are moving into Earth time…the man made chaos is rising away from Her. As empire collapses we must hunker down and cling to what we know to be true. Blessings X Colette

  10. Three lines from the header are blocking the view of this new post for me on two different devices: – Bealtaine Cottage Press ~ Calendars, Books and Maps – The Transformation…from rushy wet fields to beautiful Woodland! – Bealtaine Cottage on YouTube.

  11. Dear Colette, I enjoyed your blog as usual and your lovely photos too. I was amazed about your description of Sligo town. Here in West Cork it seems to me to be business as usual, last Saturday I went into town and it was packed, there was a file of cars too as I travelled through the town, so many visitors. The market was packed too and only the attempt of the stall holders to maintain social distance reminded me about Covid times and the odd few masks that some people wore. Overall though I think here too town is quieter than it usually is during the week. Yes times are quite strange but like you say nature is overabundant as always! Stay safe.

  12. Reblogged this on Laura Bruno's Blog and commented:
    I was going to post this as a comment but decided to reblog it instead:

    Beautiful, Colette! This is how I’ve experienced the world, too. My own little sphere remains so magical and nature filled. Abundance, beauty, kindness … but the rare venture out into the “real” world feels like an alien planet.

    I hate the masks. I spent time in Communist Russia right before the Berlin Wall fell. Things were breaking down, but it had that same kind of oppressed top down feeling.

    I almost got beaten in line by two guards at Lenin’s Tomb, because I laughed. You were not even allowed to crack a smile, but a bird pooped flourescent green poop on the white shirt of a very vain young man in front of me. I cracked up laughing, and two guards apprehended me. They had clubs they were going to beat me with, but someone intervened on my behalf.

    Shortly before the riots began in the US, I was in line at a garden store, telling my husband how oppressive everything felt — like you weren’t allowed to smile or interact with people. It reminded me of my experience at Lenin’s Tomb. I had dreams of riots before they broke out, and I predicted that this unnatural lockdown of the human spirit would cause it to come out sideways.

    There are many signs of thriving and awakening, but I’m with you — I avoid the “real” world as much as I can. Our neighbors and neighborhood are lovely, the garden in full bloom and productivity. I’m fortunate to be able to talk with incredible people from around the world each week for my work, so I know good things are happening in many spots around the good Earth.

    Blessings to you, my friend! Thank you for all you do and are and share in this world.


  13. So true, I feel in limbo, have for the past three plus months, the garden has been my sanctuary during this time, we are so lucky to have them.

  14. I so agree with you! I feel all the wonderful weather we had in April/May/June was due to the earth being given chance to rest – now when things start to get back to ‘normal’ we experience gales, heavy rain and cold temperatures – is the earth mourning?

    • I am happy that the rain has sorted out my spring well and saturated the thirsty land. The year seems to have a long drought followed by a long rainy season…

  15. So true, yet the very beginnings of change fir the better are occurring right under our feet.

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  16. Colette, I have been following your YouTube for about 18 months now. What you have created at Bealtaine Cottage over a relatively short time, is amazing. I watch you every day journey round your garden and wood. It brings me peace, quiet and hope in these days of upheaval. I know it is natures way of say “enough is enough, you have treated me badly for far too long” BUT being part of your journey makes me feel hope for the future…..a wakening of our conscience, not just here but all over the world, to look after this verprecious planet that we live on.
    Thank you for sharing your world with us all.
    Stay safe. Carolex

  17. Oh, Colette, I can understand how you feel. In Sweden we have not had that total lock down but still people keep the distance (but Swedes usually do anyway). But I spoke to my son in Hastings (UK) yesterday where they opened the pubs again and he told me that it is very crowded and people act as if there has never been a pandemi.

  18. Yes sadly the effects of Covid will be felt for some time yet. Personally i feel until for example countries in SE Asia stop eating dogs, bats, etc and people everywhere improve the treatment of animals, the chances of more such viruses will not decrease.

    • The truth is that there is cruel mistreatment of sentient being ALL OVER the world…we should look at ourselves first and the merciless treatment of animals in factory farming in the west!!!

      • Colette, I could not agree with you more ! Also I want to mention that I just finished watching your YouTube vlog. I could hear the struggle in your voice and it upset me so much. You share your videos with us as a courtesy and how dare someone tell you how to live your life. It however doesn’t surprise me. It seems this world is full of “know it alls” who actually in all honestly probably do Nothing in their lives but will gladly tell you what you should do in yours. I will miss your vlogs, I will miss seeing sweet Jack but I can hop over here :). You must take care of your own self first….
        take care
        Alistair 💛

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