A Good Start To 2021!

The new calendar year has begun and many are casting a glance over their shoulder to the year that was…difficult for many and with, as yet, unseen consequences for all…

It was both a good and bad year for Mother Earth, as the race of mankind faltered and slowed in the never-ending quest for more. She breathed. She burned. The pain was endured.

She exalted in the trees that were planted by her loving children and grieved as the Great Burning on several continents brought death and destruction to many of her precious sentient beings. What is done cannot be undone, but we can move forward and do better for the Great Mother and ourselves.

I finished off the last month of 2020 by planting twenty three trees into the woodland of Bealtaine Cottage. This first week of 2021 I have bought four bare-root Irish Oaks to continue the planting of much-needed trees.

Much of what we do in this life is centred around our needs. We seldom think about the needs of our habitat, taking it for granted most of the time. We look after our cars, our homes and sometimes even each other, but rarely cast a thought to what actually sustains us…Mother Earth!

The benefits of planting trees are outstanding! By planting trees you create the right conditions for people, animals, and food to survive and thrive! Trees provide a natural carbon filter for the air, thus absorbing and dealing with much of the pollution we create with of “must have more,” lifestyles! Trees provide shade, preventing other living things from being damaged by the sun or heat. Trees also help protect the pathways of streams, rivers, and other sources of water, through filtering, absorption and slow release into the soil. This helps keep the water clean, prevents flooding or overflowing, and creates an even regenerative ecosystem for aquatic wildlife, from the rivers into the oceans and all in between!

This is now the seventeenth year of the Bealtaine Project and I am aware that my tree-planting is limited by fences. I am also aware that many of you are planting trees, turning lawns into woodlands, potting up a small tree for your balcony, starting or supporting a Community Garden…Blessings on your sacred work, Blessings on you.

Perhaps 2021 will be the year when I can begin planting another woodland, who knows? I am guided by the Great Goddess…She will create the energy and the path.

Blessings X Colette


  1. Colette, Love what you have created at Bealtaine Cottage, most especially the safe haven you provide for birds and other animals. Before the woods accross the road turned into housing (ugh)..hunters would venture into the area at night hunting for deer. After discovering they were guided by the lights around our house, we decided to shut them off during hunting season and that ended that!.

  2. Blessings to you Collette.
    More and more people now realize that living sustainably is very important. I am planting trees in the woods in back of my home. I don’t own the land but it will never be developed. I will plant chestnut and walnut trees and animals will have winter food long after I am gone.. Their is a wonderful acorn on the edge of my sheep’s pasture and the squirrels, chipmunks and even my sheep eat them in the fall.
    We welcome a new President who cares about the earth and will bring back measures which were lost. It will take years to recover from the last one and he has set upon us people that don’t care. We will overcome.
    Thank you for your encouragement and I hope you can plant another forest.

  3. Hello Colette
    It is mind-blowing how you find place for more trees on your land, but it inspires me greatly to keep turning my little piece of land into a tiny forest. I am so lucky to have great and mighty trees here already, and the huge birch have many babies that I love to see growing up. All of my old trees have been grieving the loss of connection with mighty trees on neighboring land as they have taken there trees down, for utterly silly reasons like being too high or producing pine cones that made the freaking lawn look untidy….so I have been drumming for them and ensured “my” trees that as long as I reside here they will not come down unless they fall on there own. Some trees that has been planted here by the wind grow right on the border, and I prune them so that height will not make the neighbor’s get aggressive towards them, but I would have loved to make them reach for the clouds. I planted more shrubs than trees last year, but this year I will look for many new tree friends, thank you so much for all the wonderful inspiration, wishing you tons of energy to plant more and more woodland. love to know you are here making the world a beautiful place in the universe. Blessings from Sunniva in Norway

  4. Morning Colette, I always look forward to your posts and videos. You doul must be cheered each time you step outside. I meant to let you know I received my book, “A Cottage and three Acres” just before my birthday last year. The virus mucked up the post but it was worth it. A beautiful read. Thanks again and have a bonny day. Goodbye from South Australia.

  5. Colette – many thanks for the honest but encouraging words as we move into a new year. I wish for you the best of health and contentment in the coming days. Sending love – Liz

  6. Hi Collette
    I’ve planted 3 new trees in 2020 in my back garden and will be committed to finding more space and getting more in this year. Take care



  7. Happy New Year to you! Sadly enough I had to say good bye the the sour orange tree that was here when I moved in nearly 2 years ago, it was neglected before I arrived despite all the care I gave it, I suspect because the fruit isn’t edible unless cooked. I found out it had a disease which is contagious to other citrus fruits so she had to be cut down to prevent other citrus trees in my neighborhood from getting sick. (I live in Florida) On the up side this Spring I will plant a lemon, a lime and an edible orange tree on the other side of my property. I have an olive tree that will go in the ground this spring as well and where the orange tree was I will leave empty for now to allow a smaller tree to grow then look to adding herbs, I get enormous dandelions in the area I’m sure they will continue to grow where the tree was and I think a healthy does of wildflower seeds spread about to see what comes up.

  8. I am not the owner of as much land. I love the beauty of the Bealtaine Project and how it has developed so sustainably over the years. Like many without much growing space, I plant where I can and have become part of the growing story of creativity, via guerrilla gardening. 🌱

  9. Blessings to yourself, Jack & all at Bealtaine!
    Thanks directly to your peaceful & inspirational videos over the past year I’m leaving the city & heading 5 hours south to re-train as a beekeeper & plant as much as I can on the land I’ll be custodian of. A big leap, but I’ll just take it a day & a plant at a time.
    Eternal gratitude for your beacon of hope & sanity. 💚🌱

  10. On the other side of the world in the Land of Oz I am also planting more trees and plan more plantings with each rain event. Trees are SO needed.

      • and weeds, the Earth thrives with them, because the truth is that many a weed is only “a weed” by perception of humans and their desires. Beauty is actually in the natural environment in all places, there to sustain life holistically. Oh how I love the season of the humble dandelion in flower. 🌻 🌻 🌻 🌻 🌻 🌻

  11. I have recently started , from seed, sycamore, maple and Osage orange trees. All have sprouted about 75 trees and they are growing wonderfully. I have 6.5 acres in Tennessee. Most of the property has Yellow Pine, Sweet Gum and a few Hickory Nut trees, along with Field Maple and Cedar Trees. I have started Grape Vines and Blueberries. My house is just about to where I can move in. Major renovations were needed there. But what is more important is the land. I have followed your Youtube videos and it has inspired me to continue with growing and planting as many trees as I possibly can. Keep doing what you are doing. I , for one, truly appreciate it. I hope that you enjoyed the candles and incense that I sent to you for your birthday.

  12. Hi Colette
    I live for your beautiful exquisite videos they are the reason I am managing the Covid 19 lockdown’s just fine. I binge watch daily they fill my soul with peace. I sold my little house six years ago a quarter acre which I planted full of trees over thirty-one years. I live in a small Seniors apartment( no balcony) my two windows are full of plants and a table top garden at the moment I have started three lemon trees from my morning glass of water and lemons. Please disregard any
    negative comments from the ignorant and negative they dislike happy creative humans because
    their lives are so sad and empty
    I just received my 2021 Calendar it is a work of elegance and beauty.
    I have a Special area on my bookshelf where sit all your books. the map and now two calendars
    Blessings from Canada
    Joyce Bould

    • It is sad that so many are without the knowledge of or the desire for the knowledge of nature, when we are part of this beautiful planet, 🌍 not visitors or worse thieving interlopers!

    • Hello Colette,
      Thank you for the update. Your site is very popular it’s great to see so many visitors all taking an interest in your work, 🌹👏👏🙏
      Hugs and blessings to yourself and Jack.

  13. Happy New Year. I have lived in s.california for 27 years and the last 5 the city has been removing trees and building massive apartments. The destruction this causes breaks my heart. Sheer neglect of Mother Earth,the greed is taking over. I have been digging up the tiny piece of ground I live on and providing homes for wild life while here Round Up is freely being used by my neighbors. I am 76 and would love to live on a tiny piece of land with a little old cottage to live in but if and when that happens I’ll continue to care for Our Mother as best I can. Much love to you my friend. Would you like some Moringa seeds. xo

  14. My land is part of a ponderosa pine forest. That is what nature grows there. Within the wet areas on the land are a few birch trees. This is what the mother has done on her own. My hand in it is to diversify the plantings and encourage the water to support the oasis in becoming a little paradise. A home for everything and everone inspired by your discovery of goddess permaculture. This is why I trust with every step I take that the earth is there to support not just my life but all life. Blessings to you Collette. Looking forward to a good rant…cheers!

  15. Thank you for your wisdom and encouragement. Many blessings to you and yours in this new year and new age.

  16. First time to comment. Just lovely post. Your respect for all things living comes through every word and planting you say and do! I enjoy seeing all your you tube videos. I appreciate all of your hard work. I live along the coast in jNew Hampshire and I have a very edged and manicured flower gardens,. And after watching and learning from you, I’m changing my gardens over to a more natural garden as if planted by Mother Nature herself! Happy New Year to you and Mr Jack.

  17. Thank you Colette, that is beautiful. Its wonderful to know that you are there, not far away, living your life, keeping the faith

  18. Thank you for your work and wisdom.
    This is the first year in the last 25 we have not traveled to County Armagh to be with family but reading your dispatches helps in a way.
    Perhaps before the end on this new year….

  19. Thank you for all you do for mother earth. For your inspiration as well. You are a wonderful wordsmith. Blessings to you and Jack.

  20. Such inspirational post Colette, Thank You Abundantly! I have so enjoyed your last few You Tube videos, but alas, I can no longer comment. With all of the political turmoil here I have managed to be censored. I did not see it coming. But through this last very difficult year your videos and posts of Beautiful Bealtaine have kept my own dreams from slipping away. I plant for the insects and Humming birds here up North, and have about 30 potted trees I tend. I planted a fantastic Salvia that didn’t even begin blooming until October. It is over 8 ft. tall now and covered with shaggy purple blooms, and the bees and Hummers adore the nectar. Also in northern California it is incredibly important to provide water sources for the birds and insects. Here in my new little home I have developed a tiny habitat( in town) that has become a bit over-populated with skunks. They are indeed beautiful little creatures; they look like Badgers. But here we also have the same rules as you do for Badgers. I have met a kind soul (who gets sprayed) that relocates them for me, it is a risk, as they are supposed to be destroyed. There is one now who lives under the house and behaves himself, so he is welcome to stay unless he begins to have parties in the middle of the night like the others. I loved/love your newest book Colette. It is read in a ‘weft & weave’ manner. Imbolc is rising here as well. I didn’t think your wonderful lane up to the cottage could become any more inviting, but it is stunning! So good to make contact in gratitude again.

    • Dear Sage, the world of man is chaotic and fragile, regardless of who is “in charge”, for they ALL fail to acknowledge that Mother Earth is THE most important item on the agenda! She is continually violated and abused by ALL governments and corporations, for that is the nature of the ridiculous charade that they are part of…power, money, greed and dominion! Keep on your sacred path, look neither right nor left, your relationship with Mother Earth is your wellbeing and treasure! Blessings X Colette

  21. Hello Colette,

    Lovely to be here for the first time. I’ve enjoyed watching your Youtube videos over the past year and seeing all the work that you have done and are continuing to do. Beautiful words in your news letter, also lovely images of your home and garden. I’m looking forward to moving into my new home soon and can not wait to get planting into my small garden. Hopefully I’ll be able to find some fruit trees and maybe a hazel and/or shallow rooted trees that can cope with being in a small space. It’s definitely going to be a learning curve for me, but to have a garden and home where I can grow trees, plants, food and flowers for myself and all wildlife is my ultimate aim.

    Thank you for all your words of wisdom,
    All the best to you and Jack for the coming season,
    Take care Helen xx

  22. Awesome photos! Energizing and powerful words!
    Thank you and blessing for 2021 and the beginning of Springtime and light.
    Kathleen and Sisi (the “ever-growing” pup)
    I am planting native oaks for my region and fruit trees.

  23. Thank you so much for all your work and care for our mother Earth! Whenever I am planting and working in my garden (big but not as big as yours😊) I’m led and inspired by your example and words. On the 12th of january the long awaited calendar arrived safely. Thanks! So happy with it!
    Anna ,from Belgium

  24. Dear Colette, I do hope your dream of planting another woodland for our Mother Goddess becomes a reality this coming year. We are all in our own ways creating that space in our own homes & gardens.
    Blessings to you & all that you have achieved and continue do. ❣️

  25. If you could buy more land for planting I would certainly contribute to that purchase. The GoFundMe website would be suitable for that.

  26. Blessings to you Colette, love what you are doing. The message to plant and clean up and save Mother Earth is getting out there.

  27. Good morning! Central Kentucky has a dusting of snow today, so I am indoors, tidying, much as you have been. It’s so good for the mind to organize and prioritize. I’m also putting in an order for more gardening seeds and, as soon as I can, I have willow and fruit trees to plant. Many blessings for the day and the year!

  28. Beautifully put Colette , as you always say we have to plant like our life depends on it , for it does . I planted 4 trees last year and I am going to squeeze at least another two in . Blessings for all you do my Earth Angel . Sending love and hugs to you and Jack xxx❤️❤️❤️

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