The Magical Energy of the Great Celtic Festival of Imbolc

Snow arrived at Bealtaine Cottage just as the first month of the year was showing signs of the coming Imbolc! The supply of logs harvested from the woodland during the previous Spring were brought in by the basket load to keep the cottage warm and snug…and it was!

It was amazing to appreciate the sheer volume of wood that was coppiced and pollarded from the growing woodland…and there was much more that we didn’t get round to cutting. The energy supplies grow year on year, giving yet more abundance in the form of fuel for the stoves. There are three stoves in the cottage. One in the Lodge/Studio, one in the sitting room and the main stove in the kitchen. The Stanley stove in the kitchen is the one used daily, whereas the small wood stoves are lit as and when needed, which is occasionally.

The stove in the sitting room is lit for extra comfort during the long, dark evenings. During this time the fire in the Stanley in the kitchen is left to die down.

As I’m writing this blog I am sat in the sitting room in front of the warm stove on a very cold night. On these cold nights I often go to bed early as a way of keeping warm, making the most of the dark evenings before the Spring Equinox. In 2021, the spring equinox occurs on Saturday, March 20. This event marks the astronomical first day of spring in the Northern Hemisphere. I follow the Celtic calendar, which marks the first day of February, Imbolc, as the first day of Spring.

Imbolc also called Brigid’s Day, is a traditional Celtic festival marking the beginning of Spring. It is traditionally held on 1 February, though it lands about halfway between the winter solstice and the spring equinox. Historically, it was widely observed throughout Ireland, Scotland and the Isle of Man.

There is much magical energy around at Imbolc, as it marks the great rising of energy from Mother Earth. Therefore, this is a time of magical energy related to the Divine Feminine, the Great Goddess Mother, the bringer of live and new beginnings.

At Imbolc, in celebrating the rise of the sun, foods including pancakes, cakes, and crepes are usually served. As this is also a tribute to the Goddess Brigid, home-baked breads are brought to the feast to honour Brigid as the Goddess of the hearth and of fertility.

As is my own path, I prepare for each Celtic festival with a Juice Fast, lasting as long as I feel is necessary. This clears my body of built-up excess consumed in the winter months of comfort eating, but, more importantly, aids in re-energising both body and mind, ensuring good health in readiness for the beautiful days ahead. It works remarkably well for me.


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Blessings of the coming Imbolc to you XXX Colette


  1. Ah, Imbolc can’t come fast enough, so many dark grey misty days of late, we’ve hardly seen the sun for what feels like a very long time. Today we are forecast more snow, but with that at least comes the appearance of brighter days, for a while…..
    Brightest Imbolc Blessings to you and Jack, Blessed Be xXx

  2. Hi Colette! Have been watching your YouTube for years, and I love the recent uplifting quality of your recent offerings… your bunches of rosemary and bay on the veranda, your wonderful birds providing the prettiest background music for a stroll around the Bealtaine Cottage grounds… and of course that handsome lad and Chief Company Keeper, Jack… it all brings some much-needed positivity to my world! Blessings!

  3. Wishing you a Blessed Imbolc, your cottage photos look so warm and cozy, I can almost feel the warmth of your fire burning in the stove.

  4. Bealtaine is so lovely covered in snow. All of your trimming and path clearing so evident as well. The front of your cottage looks so tidy ( minus the Clematis and Camellia) and full of the magical promise of Imbolc. I have now followed your videos and blog for a bit over a year, and must say Bealtaine is glorious in all seasons. I still think of the Faerie Thorn each day, and am hoping she is well and ready to wake with her new children.
    Thank You Once Again for the Joy Colette; indeed it is a priceless gift.

  5. I love you and Jack and what you’ve created and continue to create in honor of Mother Earth. Mother Divine surely aids your focus and energy, and smiles upon all the beauty of Bealtaine Cottage and her 3 acres.
    May you enjoy a wonderful Imbolc!

  6. Looking forward to Imbolc. I do enjoy all the information and history you offer. Thank You, Faye Scott Tackett

  7. What a brave and courageous woman you are!! Allowing nature its extraordinary ability to regenerate growth, abundance, and beauty for us and all the creatures within.
    I wish you a prosperous and healthy 2021!!
    Best wishes from MI, USA,
    Judy S.

    • I enjoy your YouTube channel so much. Your home is like something from a dream for me, just amazing inside and out, although I can’t access your website.

      I’ve been trying to track down the black cat puzzle you shared with us as I’d like to have a go at it, too. Also you shared some beautiful fairy dolls and I can’t find the link for that artist. Again, thank you for the sweet calming tours around your beautiful gardens. Many hugs,

  8. Hello Colette,
    Thank you for the lovely photos today .
    Also your comments re. My comments to your videos on you tube.
    It’s a joy to watch the videos and your comments are very interesting
    Sometimes thought provoking often full of loving energies for the land you have rescued from nothingness.
    Peace and Blessings always .
    Hugs 🌹💚

  9. I saw your video Collette, a Walk in the Snow.
    Mostly we think with one mind, but there were a couple of points I found inspirational. Thank you.

  10. Thankyou for the last couple of videos they have been lovely do you cook the oats porridge first before setting out for the birds etc? I just found a bag of sultanas in my pantry so they went out yesterday. Blessings to you and Jack

  11. Very lovely post Colette, thank you. I received the calendar and map Wednesday and was really surprised it came so soon. They are beautiful. Joy and Peace to you and Jack.

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