Faeries, Elementals and Strange Little Houses

Living in the West of Ireland, I have come to accept the fact that I share this land with those who inhabit the Otherworld…


The DAOINE SIDHE FAEIRE were credited with building the ancient Megaliths of Ireland. These structures are still seen as gateways to land of Faerie.

It was widely held that fairies inhabited the thousands of ring forts scattered throughout the country, and the wrath of the fairy people would be incurred if those fairy fort remains were disturbed.

Countless tales exist throughout the country of people suffering illness, misfortune or even death if they interfered with these forts.

Building along fairy paths or disturbing the hawthorn or fairy bush also carried a heavy price, according to ancient lore.

The Sidhe are generally peaceful until angered by some foolish action of a mortal. Many trees and mounds are considered under their protection and if a mortal destroys or damages these, then a curse is put upon him and his family. In some parts of the countryside, people would not build their houses on certain areas of land because of the type of disturbances which would follow.

The Sidhe have distinct tribes, each ruled over by its own King and Queen. It would seem that the social order of The Sidhe corresponds to the old aristocracy of ancient Irish families, which is in itself a reflection of the ancient Celtic caste system. Many Irish refer to The Sidhe as simply ‘The Gentry’, on account of their tall, noble appearance and silvery sweet speech. They have their own palaces where they feast and play music.

Whenever a host of the Sidhe appears in our world, there is a strange sound like the humming of thousands of bees, also a whirlwind or ‘shee-gaoithe’.

These are haunting images indeed…the magic is quite tangible even from these little vignettes I have filmed, I’m sure you will agree!

I have made an extensive study of the Sidhe, as we rightly call the Faeries in Ireland, and continue to explore and record the realm known as the Otherworld. To this I have added a book of some of my research and writing, “Walking Between Worlds”.

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  1. Enchanting glimpse of a magickal place. Might you mention the scale of the formations, such as the height of the portals? Thank you from upstate New York for sharing the beauty that surrounds you.

  2. Oh my goodness, is this the fairy house at Kilronan Castle? It is so lovely. I am wishing/planning for a trip to Ireland in October 2022. I need to bring my easel for Plein Air painting. This is so inspiring.

  3. If I were going to marry my husband again (we were married the first time in 2002) I would do it there…. a quiet reaffirmation of our handfasting – how magickal would that be!

  4. So glad to visit the Faerie House again. I must have watched the older YouTube video 5 times, each viewing revealing to me the same faces in the stone. It is a sacred place and indeed magical in every sense of the word. I would spend quiet time in this place often if I lived near. I honestly believe that stones can speak to us, perhaps not in the manner we speak to each other. But speak they do. I am fascinated and drawn to such stone built places from the mists of time. The stone-work in this ancient place is so very sacred. We have ancient ruins such as Mesa Verde here in the U.S.A., but nothing like the Faerie House or the myriad of ancient and amazing castles. I used to spend hours at the ruins of Jack London’s Wolf House here in California as it felt so magical to me somehow, and it being only a bit over 100 years in age. So many glorious stones gathered together in a precious pattern.

    Thanks for taking us back here Colette

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