Bog Oak Pendants

There are two podcasts on this page, one at the beginning and one at the end…

The pendant is hung on adjustable wax cotton cord.

Cut and sized, but unworked.

Sanded and polished, the beauty and mystery of the wood begins to be revealed.


  1. Hello Colette,
    I am wondering if you would receive visitors at your homestead. I’m currently staying in the area and just remembered you weren’t too far away. Obviously I have a great interest in permaculture and would like to see your project with my own eyes and meet the woman who did all the work. I’m 21 and a gardener myself so I would be happy to give you a hand in case you are interested.

    I’d be glad to hear from you.
    All the best

  2. Thank you for this Colette! I have just ordered my bog oak pendant. It will be a reminder to me to stay connected to the earth as I continue to nurture my edible forest garden.

  3. This is a WONDERFUL idea and THANK YOU for creating this and offering them to us! I hope to order one with the sacred Celtic Knot in September! So lovely to hear your calming voice. Yes – not the end…but TRANSITION… Blessed Be! Love to You and Jack!!

  4. Hi Colette,
    This is Trish from Australia. I have always found bog oak draws me, there is so much that can be learned from the bog. I am just about to put my order in but was wondering if you could make my order without a trinket as I feel the bog oak is more than enough. Thank you for this from my heart to yours and I hope you enjoy the process.
    Trish Menzies.

  5. I love the idea of the bog oak, how ancient that must be! To hold a piece could tell volumes. This will be a gift to myself!

  6. In gratitude, I look forward to receiving my autumn/winter gift from both yourself and Mother Earth.

  7. These pendants are unique & beautiful. I do not wear necklaces & wondered if you could/would make a bracelet with small piece of bog wood ( if you have a small bit ) ? I understand totally if you cannot. 🤔☺️

  8. The exchange rate is high at the moment, so I will watch the Euro against Aussie dollar, before I purchase pendant.

  9. I will be honored to own and wear this beautiful pendant with reverence for my Irish ancestors and our Mother Earth.
    Thank you Colette!❤

  10. I’ll be honored to own this beautiful pendant and wear it with reverence for my Irish ancestors and our Mother Earth. Thank you Colette!

  11. My Dear, Dear Colette! Your message is a balm for the soul and this weary heart. Upon getting to the workplace this morning, I discovered they had cut down many 150 – 200 year-old oak and maple trees…to make way for a health center no less. I gasped, “no” when I saw it and wept. I discussed it with my supervisor that it is a crime to cut down sacred trees, especially ones that had been standing so long and what kind of higher education institution are we if we cannot defend these life-givers? Their only reply was, “I know. I think it’s a shame.’ So your blogpost today, your writings, reading your books, meditations on all of that and videos on your work are inspiring and fortifying. I may be making something to put on social media to help heal the destruction and raise awareness.

  12. First of all, I’m not on any social media, just enjoy reading your posts for a while now since finding you. My problem is I’m not able to buy anything! Today is not my first try. I seem to just go round and round entering my information over and over and getting no where. So some where, some one has my credit card numbers again and again. Frustrating. I give up! I have NO website!

  13. These are beautiful, ive ordered one, look forward to it arriving, i will treasure it always, my little piece of Bealtaine cottage 😊, blessings to both you and Jack 💚x

  14. Order placed Colette. It will be wonderful to have a little piece of your Ireland. Looking forward to hearing from you. Heidi x

  15. Hello Colette! It’s Jamie kelley in California!!!! I was so thrilled to wake up to your post this morning and to hear your lovely voice! I love these pendants and I just ordered one! They are so uniquely lovely and I just know that wearing it will help me feel very connected to Mother Earth with a reminder to always act with Her in mind. Take your time and no rush! Your creativity continues to inspire and heal!!!! Thank you and Blessings to you dearest Collette! Xx

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