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Cottage Garden Harvest

Cottage garden harvestRed onions and seeds dry in the heat of the afternoon sun at Bealtaine Cottage. cottage garden harvestThe Permaculture harvest is on it’s way.

cottage garden harvestI am saving lots of seed from the biggest, healthiest and tastiest plants!

cottage garden harvestThe rain came and has left a little water…not much, but enough to fill the tank in the loft!

Cottage Garden HarvestHerbs and seeds are coming into their own!

potato harvest at Bealtaine CottagePotatoes are appearing where none were planted…these have grown from seed dropped last year and have not been earthed up!

cottage garden harvestBlackcurrants are taking over the gardens!

Apple harvest

Apples are plumping out…

Runner beansRunner beans are seeking Heaven…

Raspberry harvestRaspberries are being eaten straight from the garden!

broad beansBroad Beans are looking monstrous!

potager beds at Bealtaine CottageAnd the Potager beds have received their second planting…

Bealtaine Cottage Etsy Shop 006My brother Hugh O’Neill has made some very special Bog Oak pendants for the Bealtaine Cottage Etsy shop.

Bealtaine Cottage Etsy Shop 003Hugh has carved some Rune and Ogham symbols on some of these special little pieces of Bog Oak.

Bealtaine Cottage Etsy Shop 004The wood is carved and polished by Hugh into these amazing pendants, each accompanied by glass or wooden beads…

Bealtaine Cottage Etsy Shop 005 A little piece of Ancient Ireland to wear around your neck!

Bealtaine Cottage Etsy Shop 002You can find these on the Bealtaine Cottage Etsy Shop…


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April 2013 in the Permaculture Gardens of Bealtaine Cottage, Ireland

April 2013 Permaculture gardens at Bealtaine Cottage

Lots of work in the gardens over recent days…cutting back, shredding and tidying up.

Grass paths have been dug in along the edges and the birds have followed looking for tasty morsels!

Ribes in bloom at Bealtaine Cottage, great for the bees!eRibes bushes are now heavy with flowers, attracting the bees and feeding some of the early risers.

An early bee in April 2013 at bealtaine Cottage permaculture gardensAnd just in case you thought that the bees were still in hibernation…

Polytunnel at Bealtaine Cottage permaculture gardens in April 2013The polytunnel has been cleaned and tidied, as this becomes very abundant during the summer months!

Can you see the pink blossom on the Nectarine tree?

Buddha under the Laurel arch at Bealtaine Cottage permaculture gardensThe Laurel Archway has been given a good trim.

You can see it better in the top pic.

Laurels grow very fast and if an archway is to be maintained then a heavy cut must be carried out every 2-3 years.

All the cuttings are shredded and spread on beds and compost heaps.

Polytunnel at Bealtaine Cottage Permaculture GardensThis morning is warm and filled with sunshine as I walk the permaculture gardens of Bealtaine Cottage.

Water Garden at the Permaculture gardens of Bealtaine CottageThe water garden is emerging from slumber as the frog-spawn hatches.

Bealtaine CottageThe gardens are coming back to life…

Willow archways and fedges at Bealtaine CottageWillow archways and fedges are in bud…

Broad Beans at Bealtaine Cottage

Broad beans are ready to plant out…

permaculture Gardens of Bealtaine CottageWhat a wonderful start to the weekend!

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Replenishing the Earth

Sammy Cat on the roof of the porch at Bealtaine Cottage Ireland

Sammy Cat is exploring his environment as he grows up.

He managed to find his way onto the roof of the porch at Bealtaine Cottage.

And the best way to get him down?

Rattle the cat biscuits bag at him!

Missy Cat sitting on a log at Bealtaine CottageThe days are longer and brighter and all the animals at Bealtaine are in playful mode.

Missy, being older and wiser, enjoys basking in the sun on a warm log.

The logs, placed here and there all over the permaculture gardens, are essential to the health and fertility of the gardens.

Much life depends on these and much life is nurtured under and around these big old chunks of wood.

Bealtaine Cottage spring well in Fairy WoodSpring has sprung!

The Spring Well is flowing clear and cold, feeding the ponds where the frogs have spawned.

sowing seeds in the permaculture gardens of Bealtaine CottageSeeds are spouting and growing.

Broad Beans, Peas, Wild Rocket and Salad Leaves are all outdoors, on the veranda, at the back of the cottage, warm in the south-facing shelter.

I cover them over at night with plastic sheeting and cardboard.

They are warm and snug in an old polystyrene fish box!

growing onions in potager beds at Bealtaine CottageBottomless pots of onions are planted into the Potager Beds.

Using pots with the bottoms cut away is a good way of making full use of all the space in the growing beds that have been heavily laid with manure and seaweed over the winter months.

The roots of all planted into pots like this will spread out and find abundant nourishment.

Bealtaine Cottage potager gardenThis worked very well indeed last year with everything I planted!

Welcome to the Permaculture Gardens of Bealtaine Cottage

Today, Monday, is sunny and warm…a chance to continue sowing seeds in as many pots as I can fill.

There is no such thing as too many plants!

Just lots and lots to give away!


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