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The Final Days

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There was no intention to write today.

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The fine days of an Indian Summer are bestowing harmony and peace to this little part of Ireland, but…

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an email arrived from a subscriber who articulated apprehension and fear, so a response is necessary.

28 June 2014 004

I don’t usually respond to emails, for there are many each day and I simply do not have the time, as you can understand. permaculture (22)

However, this fear, presented to me from someone who is quite depressed by all that’s happening around the world, needs to be addressed once and for all!

These, are the final days of Empire…though not in any biblical sense!


I am not about to be hounded into fear by any religious patriarchy.

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What we are now experiencing will get worse…this has been proven historically!


The end of the Roman Empire was short and the prelude brutal!

Aqilegia under Fuchsia
Aqilegia under Fuchsia

Bread and circuses were the order of the day to keep people entertained and unquestioning.

Willow in the Bog Garden
Willow in the Bog Garden

Much the same is happening now, with the cult of celebrity, an overdosing of sport, cheap factory food and endless, mindless TV reality shows.


Our world is in the throes of bitter retreat, but it is merely the world created by man.

The real world is that of Mother Nature.

Now is the time to go to her, help her and find peace within her.

The final days of Empire are always chaotic…our own lives must be lived as best as possible…with kindness, care, compassion and as much joy as one can invoke!


For my part, I care not a fig for the end of this madness and brutality…things, as they say, can only get better…and they will…