The Final Days

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There was no intention to write today.

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The fine days of an Indian Summer are bestowing harmony and peace to this little part of Ireland, but…

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an email arrived from a subscriber who articulated apprehension and fear, so a response is necessary.

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I don’t usually respond to emails, for there are many each day and I simply do not have the time, as you can understand. permaculture (22)

However, this fear, presented to me from someone who is quite depressed by all that’s happening around the world, needs to be addressed once and for all!

These, are the final days of Empire…though not in any biblical sense!


I am not about to be hounded into fear by any religious patriarchy.

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What we are now experiencing will get worse…this has been proven historically!


The end of the Roman Empire was short and the prelude brutal!

Aqilegia under Fuchsia
Aqilegia under Fuchsia

Bread and circuses were the order of the day to keep people entertained and unquestioning.

Willow in the Bog Garden
Willow in the Bog Garden

Much the same is happening now, with the cult of celebrity, an overdosing of sport, cheap factory food and endless, mindless TV reality shows.


Our world is in the throes of bitter retreat, but it is merely the world created by man.

The real world is that of Mother Nature.

Now is the time to go to her, help her and find peace within her.

The final days of Empire are always chaotic…our own lives must be lived as best as possible…with kindness, care, compassion and as much joy as one can invoke!


For my part, I care not a fig for the end of this madness and brutality…things, as they say, can only get better…and they will…


  1. I agree but some things are out of our control, such as pollution and right-wingers are in the ascendancy. Like the British plans to build 9 new nuclear power stations on the Irish sea and risking destroying a shared environment, casting a shadow over future generations. Don’t think that EPA are going to speak out about it they think its all harmless.

  2. Colette,
    I agree with all that you say, we will be safe in these troubled times ahead, we have the skills and the fortitude. Pictures are wonderful as usual. I am awaiting your book.

  3. I too felt like your correspondent at the end of last year. I felt as if Armageddon was about to arrive. Everything I heard was negative and frightening – apart from your blog -and I began to panic, for my daughters and for their future, for the planet, for my family, for Mother Nature. Thanks to the many wonderful people who helped me and thanks to the plants I worked with, I got through it. I would say to anyone going through the same feelings – disconnect from TV, newspapers and radio. There is no truth there. Reconnect with Nature. The truth is, as all your commentators have said, in the Earth, with the plants and by creating your own peace on your own terms. Easier said than done, but the pain is simply rebirth into a future that you create along side your plant allies and Mother Nature. Love and best wishes to the correspondent.

  4. Thank you so much for these wise and calming words. Of late my thoughts and dreams have been filled with worry and chaos…but I always turn to you site for calming reinforcement. Then move to my gardens and reach for grounding and uplifting from our dear Mother Earth. It IS hard to find peace in a world bombarded the way it is. I have disconnected from TV and most radio. Yes I keep in touch with my computer when needed. I thank you again for the inspiration you bring to me…

  5. many many years ago i was taught to dig a hole in Earth when fear and hopelessness arose. to dig the hole with my hands and on my knees, lean over and into the hole, speaking my fears into the Mother, turning them into the Earth as compost. slowly
    cover back Her body over these and then water them, with tears if there were tears
    or with water if not. on the top, leave a gift. And then for as many days as it took, return
    with a gift until calm and determination had taken seed.

    Thank you for Facing directly and not flinching.

  6. For bread and circuses read pizza and “Strictly”!!!!! Hold fast, nurture your little piece of land if you have one, be grateful for the sunshine and have as much silent time as possible

  7. A powerful clarion call to cleave to our source. There is a seasonality to the affairs of humanity. In the midst of our darkness and despair, new life germinates. It grows in the coldest winter and emerges green and vital in spring.

    The seasons will unfold as the Mother demands, and our worries will add nothing.

    So let’s stick our hands in the soil and tend the Earth. Tomorrow the sun will shine and it might rain. Good.


    • Written 2000 years ago:

      “[…] The mind at times fashions for itself false shapes of evil when there are no signs that point to any evil; it twists into the worst construction some word of doubtful meaning; or it fancies some personal grudge to be more serious than it really is, considering not how angry the enemy is, but to what lengths he may go if he is angry. But life is not worth living, and there is no limit to our sorrows, if we indulge our fears to the greatest possible extent; in this matter, let prudence help you, and contemn with a resolute spirit even when it is in plain sight. If you cannot do this, counter one weakness with another, and temper your fear with hope. There is nothing so certain among these objects of fear that it is not more certain still that things we dread sink into nothing and that things we hope for mock us.

      “Accordingly, weigh carefully your hopes as well as your fears, and whenever all the elements are in doubt, decide in your own favour; believe what you prefer. And if fear wins a majority of the votes, incline in the other direction anyhow, and cease to harass your soul, reflecting continually that most mortals, even when no troubles are actually at hand or are certainly to be expected in the future, become excited and disquieted. […]”

      (Seneca, Letters to Lucilius, Letter 13)

    • This is a lovely post and so true, that the real world is with mother nature. I am sick of all that fake stuff, none of it is real. Celebs and botox, everything plastic including the food now, where will all end???. Nature never lies to us does it.

      I feel upset that so many people are suffering deep anxiety because of what is going on with this world. All the lies, deception and suffering. Hopefully there will be big change soon. Well I am really going to try and live as self sufficient as I can in the future. I am tired of big bills.

      As I write my comment I have a little brown house mouse sat beside me nibbling at something of the floor. I just think how cute. I love nature and all its sweet little animals.

      I love your cottage interior, your land, and your sweet cat and dog. This site is so calming and gives me hope and inspiration for the future.

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