Bealtaine Cottage Visitors

mark boyle and paul kingsnorth at 007

Special visitors today, as Paul Kingsnorth and Mark Boyle made the long journey from Galway to spend an afternoon exploring the Permaculture Gardens and soaking up the atmosphere at Bealtaine Cottage.

Paul’s first novel, “The Wake,” was nominated and long listed for the Man Booker literary prize this year. He is a former deputy-editor of The Ecologist and a co-founder of the Dark Mountain Project.

Mark’s first book, The Moneyless Man: A Year of Freeconomic Living was published in 2010.

mark boyle and paul kingsnorth at 001

Meanwhile Sammy-Bear is spending as much time as possible trying to avoid Charlie, the new and very boisterous kitten!

mark boyle and paul kingsnorth at 002

Charlie is here…you can just about see him messing about between the cushions!

sustainable living at 006

Each year, more and more visitors come to see the emerging gardens of Bealtaine.

The trees are fast turning the gardens into young woodland, as the land returns to fertility and beauty.

Today was a lovely day when we all walked the land and stood in awe of the power of Mother Earth bedecked in her finest gown of the year…that of early Autumn.


  1. Thank you for sharing your visitors with us. YOu new kitty looks like my new kitty. One forgets how young kitties are, shredded paper, yarn tangled up is the norm here. I will try and get their books, Mark’s book looks interesting. My best to you.

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