The Magical and The Sacred

Woodland at 015

It is a rare thing…to be lost for words.

A day in Autumn that changes one perspective on life and the meaning of it all.

Where shall I begin?

Woodland at 005

Perhaps where I started, this morning, camera in my dressing gown pocket and mug of hot coffee in my hand, traipsing out in rubber clogs onto grass saturated with morning dew.

Woodland at 006

Or maybe, a little earlier, as this year began, immersed in deep sadness, as my mother made her own journey back to the Divine.

Woodland at 016

But the Wheel, as they say, turns and the beauty of the Sacred overcomes the grief of the mortal…I stepped out…

Woodland at 017

What magic lies in Nature that transforms barren into life again and again?

Woodland at 019

The gardens have emerged this year as Woodland…and my mother loved walking in the woods.

Woodland at 020

Come walk with me…

Woodland at 021


Woodland at 023


Woodland at 025


Woodland at 026


Woodland at 035


Woodland at 036


Woodland at 059


Woodland at 037


Woodland at 064


Woodland at 077


Woodland at 078


Blessings X


  1. I have been thinking a lot about you and your Mom as my Mom made her journey back to the Divine this week. She was in touch with the earth and I can see her walking down your road. You and I have had a lot of loss of late but we carry on. Your words bring peace to me

    • I am very sorry for your sadness, Carole. The passing of one’s mother is a deep, deep grief. Let it flow in small waves, embracing the sadness, owning it. In between, live a joyful life as would please any Mother to see her child do!
      Mothers are the great anchors in our sometimes turbulent lives. They never leave really…
      Thinking of you
      Big hugs XXX

  2. One of my favorite posts of yours. I do hope you publish your memoirs. I could feel the love of your mother seeing the beauty of your garden through your eyes.

    – Scott

  3. Solace and spirit walking hand in hand and the presence of loved ones. For you, beloved thoughts of your dear Mother in your woodland. For me any place that has lambs or sheep bring me my dear Dad, a shepherd from Spain who came to the US under contract to tend sheep. The land provides memories and comfort.

  4. Beautiful doesn’t even come close. I can imagine those images in a slideshow, fading from one to another and set to some etherial music – magic in the making!

    I’ve followed your blog for some time and I am constantly inspired and uplifted by what you have done and continue to do. At the same time, it highlights the disconnect in my own life and I’m feeling a very deep pull to really get back to the Earth, but like many, releasing oneself from the shackles of this ‘civilisation’ is hard.

    Thank you for all you have shared, and in return, I send love and warmest wishes.

    Martin x

    • Thanks Martin. The way back is slow but steady, once you embark. The key word in all of this is Transition. See yourself in Transition. Once you embrace the energy of that word, your return will have started in earnest. It is empowering and enabling. Each small action accumulates to form the Transition. And remember, we are, each one of us, on a sacred journey…make it your own and enjoy your path.
      Blessings XXX

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