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A Letter to Local Press in NW Ireland…the future of a permaculture smallholding…

Today marks the beginning of what will be a long struggle…one which will take much energy and forebearance. All I know is that good people all over the globe must speak up and out for what is right. The rest is our future…

I am blogging this letter I wrote today to the local press, as it concerns Bealtaine Cottage Permaculture Smallholding. What is coming down the line will decide the future of the biodiversity, animals, insects, birds and plants here at Bealtaine…

Dear Editor,
I live in a very beautiful part of Ireland…near the village of Keadue and the extraordinarily majestic and beautiful mountains and lakes that make up the breath-taking landscape of the area, known as “The Lough Allen Basin.” But…all that is about to change and change for the worst, I greatly fear!
The North West Carboniferous Basin, or The Lough Allen Basin is about to be opened up by two companies for the exploitation of Gas deposits. Our government has already issued the licences! Our county councils have little say in these matters! We are told that, “Regulators,” are in place to protect us…! Well, Regulators were also in place to protect us from the Economic treason which led to our loss of sovereignty! They are little more than overpaid civil servants who do not serve Ireland!
In all probability, these companies will use a technique known as “Hydraulic Fracturing,” or “Fracking.
Fracking in simple terms, is causing a mini earthquake, by injecting a cocktail of chemicals into a wellbore. This cocktail consists of over 596 chemicals. Billions of gallons of water are used in the process. Contamination of aquifers can only be expected!
Of course this can only increase profits for corporations, for after all, when your water is poisoned by the Corporations, you then BUY water from the …CORPORATIONS!
However, back to gas…
120 BILLION DOLLARS worth of it!
And the dreaded technology that is still in its awful infancy…FRACKING!
Banned in France. Recently banned in New York State.
No understood outcomes, as Fracking is still in its awful infancy…so new…since 2002!
So we wait for the accumulation of information and that may be too late for Ireland and its’ pure water supply, so admired and envied throughout the world. Our Agriculture and produce is held in high esteem internationally because of our green and pleasant land!
…What have we unleashed from Pandora’s Box?

I know that I will protest, because I have to defend what is right.
I also know that I will end up in Court, because the Corporation will hold sway.
I am prepared for prison, because I will not bend my knee to decisions I feel and know to be wrong.

Yours Sincerely
Frances Colette O’Neill
Bealtaine Cottage