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Our Most Ancient Human Roots

permaculture at 031

Ireland in Autumn…a special time.

The chill of early mornings and the ripening of hedgerow fruit.

Autumn in the permaculture gardens of 008

Blackbirds swooping low over woodland paths that wind out from the cottage. 

Grass, wet with early morning dew and mist rising from the valley, wisping skyward towards Kilronan Mountain. Autumn in the permaculture gardens of 001

The morning bridges late Summer and early Autumn in an ethereal, almost magical way. 

Autumn in the permaculture gardens of 002

There is nothing for it but to step into the gardens and be amazed at the gentle progression of the season, for we are, in essence,  seasonal beings, dependent on the cyclical nature of the Earth.

Autumn in the permaculture gardens of 003

Marija Gimbutas frames this beautifully, eloquently in concluding her book, “The Language of the Goddess,” writing: “The Goddess gradually retreated into the depths of forests or onto mountain-tops, where she remains to this day in beliefs and fairy stories. 

Autumn in the permaculture gardens of 004

Human alienation from the vital roots of earthly life ensued, the results of which are clear in our contemporary society.

Autumn in the permaculture gardens of 010

But the cycles never stop turning, and now we find the Goddess reemerging from the forests and mountains, bringing us hope for the future, returning us to our most ancient human roots.” 

Autumn in the permaculture gardens of 011

Maria Gimbutas, a foremost archaeologist of her time, in this most brilliantly researched book, goes on to conclude, “The Goddess in all her manifestations was a symbol of the unity of all life in Nature.

Autumn in the permaculture gardens of 018

Her power was in water and stone, in tomb and cave, in animals and birds, snakes and fish, hills, trees and flowers. hence the holistic and mythopoeic perception of the sacredness and mystery of all there is on Earth.” 

Autumn in the permaculture gardens of 015

Joseph Campbell, who introduces the book, writes; “One cannot but feel that in the appearance of this volume at just this turn of the century there is an evident relevance to the universally recognized need in our time for a general transformation of consciousness.

Autumn in the permaculture gardens of 017

The message here is of an actual age of harmony and peace in accord with the creative energies of Nature which for a spell of some four thousand prehistoric years anteceded the five thousand of what James Joyce has termed the “nightmare” (of contending tribal and national interests) from which it is certainly now time for this planet to wake.”



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Half Light and Shadows 039The apricot glow of a fading October sky, merged with the heavy rustling of cows on the field across the lane, drawing me outdoors.

This is a magical time of enchantment, with Nature and late evening light. 027Any noise on such a still evening exudes an eerie quality of something not understood…always best to go out and uncover the mystery.

As it was, the cows and their calves had nuzzled in close to the hedgerow, to bed down for the night.

The heaviness of their bodies crushing branches, as they leaned into the conspiratorial thorn hedgerow. 056The stillness of the evening makes one want to tip-toe on the lane.

Peering back in through the window of the cottage, lit only by a candle, illuminating the kitchen, it is easy to believe in the fairy folk…

It was remarked by many in 1950s rural Ireland, that the newly installed electric light drove the fairies away… 048The light is on its descent towards Samhain and deeper still to midwinter.

This passing of the light should be a signal for us all to slow down and embrace the stillness of the year, allowing ourselves time to reflect on our sacred journey. 031The Fennel looks to all intents and purposes the magical plant it is said to be, in this half-light.

It is so majestic, scented, beautiful and useful, that I have a mind to plant it all over the gardens! 058…the warmth of the kitchen beckons me towards the light, as the apricot shadows fall back into night.