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Permaculture Works…A Ten Year Transformation!

Just over ten years ago I bought a derelict cottage standing on three acres of wet, rush-infested, north-facing land.

This is how I transformed it, using only Permaculture and my own labour.

See for yourself and share the magic!

Bealtaine Cottage

Bealtaine Cottage Feb 2012

Windchimes at Bealtaine Cottage

Bealtaine Cottage before permaculture

Bealtaine Cottage 001

Bealtaine Cottage wheelbarrow to compost heap

Bealtaine Cottage 1

10 July 2014 054

Bealtaine Cottage sign

Manifesting the Divine Feminine



permaculture @ (10) 003



Year One…the pond and stream beds were dug and the water has flowed ever since!

2 sep 10 016

wed 20 10 10 004

Looking out on a May evening...
Looking out on a May evening…

For the past fifteen or so years, Mother Earth has been communicating with us in a powerful and energetic way.

She wants us to plant her, nurture her and most of all recognise her for the Great Mother she is.

I heard her over ten years ago.

I write about her and photograph her magical ways every day, uploading to several times a week, to be her voice and advocate.

The energy is quickening.

We live in wonderful times.

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Early Spring around Bealtaine Cottage…

Spring is making an early entrance into the west of Ireland. 

Euphorbia is developing it’s flowers…we could see an early display of flowers. 

Over recent days I have spread 3 tons of local gravel. When I bought this old cottage almost 8 years ago, there was a need for a road into the land. Bealtaine sits back on the hill about 150 metres back.

Gravel is an excellent medium for a lot of plants to grow through, like the Valerian emerging here along the back of the Eco-Lodge. Rubus edges the path in a natural fashion and determines the size of the path, thus saving gravel spread.