Days of Wine and Roses…West of Ireland Permaculture.

Continuing to empty the freezer of last summer’s huge harvest of black and red currants…so, it’s more wine on the make!

Colours in the gardens continue to develop with very little need for flowers…and those that are in bloom are strong perennials that are here to stay!

Roses hang heavy around the veranda. Valerian comes up through the gravel, astounding me year after year…where does it get its food from?

The colours and shadows of summer begin to play with the light on the window ledges.

I now add the yeast to the must and it makes a real difference in the fermentation process of the wine…speed it ip considerably!

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  1. Hey there, good to see you’re back in action. We’re having probs with our computer now. Hard drive I think, can’t upload pics. C’est la vie!
    It is rather frustrating when this happens, but bear with it…I’m sure it will all be sorted soon!

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