Funky Friday Fotos From…The Permaculture Cottage

Bealtaine this morning…

Got a mega-curry under way…vegan, of course and destined to be consumed over the course of the weekend!

The Red Jewels…

in the garden are redcurrants…to be made into one of the best fruit wines around!

The Kitchen…

has been a hive of activity this morning, with curry, soup and bread all made and stored for the weekend. This will be a ‘no-cook,’ weekend!

of Lysimachia Punctata are closing in…not good when it rains…and it’s raining a lot!


a great weekend everyone. Maybe plant a tree? Be happy!


  1. Inspired by this post I followed your recipe for soda bread and made a vegetable curry as well – the soda bread was divine, and was a great companion to the curry, really easy and quick to make and I followed all your tips about having the ingredients at room temperature. Your blog really is a treasure trove and I look forward so much to your postings!

    • Hi there Sue and welcome to Bealtaine Cottage!
      I try to post every day…sometimes just pics of how everything is growing, but always pics taken here at Bealtaine.
      Posts about permaculture as that is what I live by and see the world through…and some recipes too as I am Vegetarian/Vegan (on the journey).
      Glad you enjoyed the Living Lightly food recipes!

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