Simple Country Style, Ireland. Cottage Gardening

The Cottage Garden Approach…

cropped-0068.jpgA cottage garden is the most  informal garden it is possible to create and the easiest to maintain, if following the permaculture, no-dig method and approach.

bee on Lavender at Bealtaine CottageLadys Mantle will grow, fall, spread, then grow some more from the centre, outwards…if allowed, and that is what happens in a cottage garden!

Sammy-Bear CatPlants are ‘allowed,’ to do their own thing to a large extent!

Informality is the only hard and fast rule and that’s a contradiction in itself!

Formal or Not

Spirea simply HAS to get unruly before it produces these exquisite spires of pink fluff!

bealtaine Cottage windowThe hedge or bush…there is both here at Bealtaine Cottage, can only be brought back into semi-formality after the flowering period!

Blue Borage

This stunning herb gets very big and quite straggly, but it’s all worth it when the flowers happen.

It self-seeds everywhere, but who cares?

It’s carelessly beautiful!


Once these seeds are introduced into your garden, there is no way back for splashes of pink bobbing on the morning breeze between vegetables and fruit alike.

hanging webThe Bees adore them!

misty morning at Bealtaine CottageAbsolute Anarchy…

Bealtaine CottageJust let it be!

Back door at Bealtaine CottageAt the end of the day that’s the great joy to be found in a cottage garden.

Dog Daisy benchPrepare to be surprised, shocked even!

cropped-060.jpgThere is no rule book!

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  1. I adore this blog! such a joy (always) to visit 🙂

    Wishing all at Bealtaine cottage a happy Sunday

  2. Bealtaine Borage is also looking stunning here on Our Smallholding as are the sage, ribes, bay, oregano and lemon balm you gave me on my visit. The willow have all taken and will soon be ready for their permanent home. I suspect I may even have a wayward poppy coming up alongside the oregano the next week will confirm. The perscaria suffered during the really dry spell but is now recovering. Pumpkins and Sunflowers are just waiting for some sunshine. Wow, what a bounty when I list it like this…
    Thank you so much.
    So glad that all the plants are doing well! The summer is moving on a bit slow, but am sure all will grow and produce a good harvest. I’ve had scores of tiny Blackcurrant bushes coming up all over the gravel and these are potting on well, so lots more to give away…two today to visitors! These are bona fide Bealtaine Blackcurrant bushes!
    Abundance to you!

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