Permaculture Cottage…Groups of Plants and Jack….

Jack has settled into Bealtaine very well and now runs around the cottage playing with anything he can steal…usually one of my socks, scarves or shoes…

Highly scented Buddleia, drooping under their own weight, hang down after the storms of recent days.

No butterflies as the weather has been so bad recently…hoping all that will change at the weekend when warmer days are promised!

Intense permaculture planting of Bamboo, Spirea, Horse Chestnut, Buddleia, Dogwood and Greengage, bullying and pushing weeds away from them…

More intense planting of Gunnera Manicata, Cherry and Ribes.

The permaculture gardens here at Bealtaine Cottage have lots of rain and like to pretend to be a rainforest!

Little Gatherings…

Hypericum, Sedge, Pine and Beech, with Michaelmas Daisies coming slowly into flower, rather too early I think!

The tall pink plumes of the Spirea and the long lasting flowers of the Lysimachia Punctata make a lovely show despite the rain and wind!


  1. I think I love dogs more than anything in the world! And Jack is soooo sweet! Give him a huge kiss at his cold and wet nose for me! xxx
    Melissa Boëchat

  2. Ooooh, Jack! I just want to kiss that cute little doggy face!! 😉

    I had never seen gunnera before until my 2004 visit to Ireland. Fell in love with the stuff and am extremely disappointed that I can’t grow it here in central Pennsylvania where the winters are far too cold for it.

    Colette: The past two winters in Ireland have been consistently very cold. The gunnera survived even though it was not covered. I suggest trying to grow it and just being extra cautious by covering it well with straw before the freezing starts…worth a go!

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