Permaculture Cottage ~ The Hare and the Ducks

Managed to snap a pic of the baby Hare who has come to live at Bealtaine, just as he emerged from the shelter of the underneath of the shed this morning.

He wasn’t at all fazed as I stood near the back door snapping away with my camera.

There are 3 ducks staying here at Bealtaine for a short break.

The hens are very intolerant of them and boss them around continually.

If the weather dries up any time soon I will get all the wood on the sheds painted.

Harvesting continues in and around the Blackcurrant bushes.

For the moment I am freezing them.

This is a good way of collecting and saving daily.

The ducks are sticking together…but will be happy to return home on Thursday…I’m sure!

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  1. These are absolutely delightful and charming pictures, which if placed in a different context would surely enhance any children’s story book. Indeed no doubt Beatrix Potter, if she were still alive, would heartily agree! Well done PhotoGoddess!!

  2. Hopefully your Hare isn’t as ravenous as our rabbits here, or there’d be nothing left of your garden but the weeds! Some years I have to keep my beans, peas etc. under floating row covers or we will get absolutely none of the crop. They are amazingly cute, though…

    Colette : The hare nibbles here and there, but as my smallholding is laid to permaculture there is plenty of food to go round!

  3. ~Loved seeing your Rabbit love! Went to Shell & Dylan’s new home last week-end. We saw a Jack Rabbit it has long long tall ears! We also saw a Doe Deer, and a yearling…just up the gravel road from where they are it was awsome to see..she guided her off-spring across the road and into a wheat field…S.<3~

    Colette: Hi there Susan! It’s a Hare and quite a mythological creature here in Ireland. It’s amazing to see wildlife up close! I am going to try to reach Canada this year or early next!

    • ~That would be awesome Colette…you will be most welcome to visit and also stay a while..too..hugs S<3~

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