Permaculture Cottage ~ Just Sunday Pics…

Curly Kale and Parsley growing in pots at the back of Bealtaine Cottage.

The flowers on the Lady’s Mantle near the tunnel have all flopped outwards, but they remain beautiful…

The flower on the Mullein has begun to open…near the vegetable garden.

Potatoes and blackcurrants and even a little orchid…can you see it on the right?

Today has been very stormy…this was yesterday! The vegetable garden and tunnel.




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  1. ~Hi Colette! Beautiful pictures as usual love 🙂 love the little Orchid . Its hellish hot here…hope you have some and light S~


    Colette : The air mass over Ireland is from Greenland…so it’s cold with best temps at 14-15 celsius Greece has 40 celsius today! The nights this week are promised very chilly, maybe as low as 4 celsius! Plenty of rain, Susan!

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