Permaculture Cottage ~ September 1st Morning and the Beauty of Gaia.

It is impossible to choose between the beauty of the seasons.

Gaia is Divine.

More people are coming to that understanding.

Walking in beauty is perhaps the most de-stressing action one can engage in…engage with Gaia.

Long paths, like birth canals, lead into beautiful worlds…

Cobwebbed overnight by Gaia…

The water of life flows from the deep recesses of the Earth, bubbling up through the spring well and through the two ponds at Bealtaine…

Why the Mayor of Roscommon is absolutely right in what he says…No Fracking in Ireland…watch this, especially if you are a farmer, or indeed a consumer of meat…


  1. Only “found” you some days ago on twitter.

    You are an extreme inspiration to me:
    My 48th birthday is to come on October 18th and I think I want ……..trees as my birthday presents!!

    Okay, maybe one or some very good books on permaculture :-))

    Love to look at your gardenphotos and point at the different trees that seem to have been newly planted by your own hand some years ago.

    Trying to imagine what this precious garden will look like in 10, 15 or 20 years makes me breathless with joy !

    Dearest greetings from Germany

    • Regina, you are very welcome to Bealtaine…it’s great to read that you have found inspiration in trees…trees are the only way we have of saving our tenancy here on Gaia. With each passing year here at Permaculture Cottage, Bealtaine, I am more convinced that this is the way forward. I am glad that you have found bealtaine and picked up the message. I hope many more good people do!
      Blessings and Best Wishes to you and yours…Colette

    • I am baffled as to why this picture, and indeed a few more this morning, had this oval purple shape. All of Bealtaine is magical, so I do not need convincing of same. When I walk the land here I am in another world anyway!
      Best Wishes to you, Colette.

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