1. What a beautiful spot! I’ve passed you blog to my friend who plans to live in Ireland and have a similar lifestyle to you. He’s going to love what he sees here, as do I.

    • Thanks Chris. Ireland is a good place to be. The property is cheap and there is plenty of land and water…two elements that are in short supply in many places!
      All Good Wishes,

      • Thanks to Chris for finding your blog and letting us know about it. We are just beginning our journey to a way of life we experienced as young children. We will be moving to Ireland in the next four years to build our life together, living a sustainable lifestyle.
        You are a true poet, seeing the world around you with open eyes.
        Ric & Richard

        • This is a good life and fun too…make the most of your journey and use your time wisely wherever you are at that point. Keep in touch with base-camp always-Gaia and her wonders, for “Nature never did betray the heart that loved her.”
          All Good Wishes

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