A Life in the Country ~ Today in the Garden…Ponds and Streams

With all the floods of recent days, the ponds are high and the streams gushing, but the morning is sunny and bright and there’s no better time for a walk through Bealtaine Gardens…


  1. I have been enjoying the videos also. I LOVE YOUR BLOG. It gives me great hope. My husband and I plan on moving back(from the United Corporate States) with our tuxedo cat in tow !(We hope to attend Kinsale College permaculture classes). As soon as we procure some land I will be fostering 2 donkeys from the Donkey Sanctuary. I can’t wait until we can meet you and sit down for a cuppa. I LOVE your little dog Jack.
    all the best to you and your Mum.

    • Permaculture is all about abundance and that is what awaits you! I’m happy to share my accumulated permaculture knowledge with all who wish to embrace this wonderful life! Your tuxedo cat sounds interesting… As for donkeys, I have a neighbour who looks after four beautiful donkeys. I’ll make a little video of them this week and post it! I look forward to sharing a cuppa too! All Good Wishes, Colette

    • Thanks Mike! I must admit that it is easier to do a little video diary each day than photos…but I’ll try not to be too lazy about it and put some written blogs out too…

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