Country Living Ireland ~ November Pictures in the Permaculture Garden

November 2011 048Oregano continues to flower around the water bin.

Early November and the green remains.

November Bealtaine Cottage permaculture pond

Cotoneaster berries hang down over the Gunnera by the lower pond.

Sedums in pots.

Bealtaine Cottage November 2011 001

Late November and the trees are bare except for the pines. Wine is clearing down in time for Christmas.

November 2011 142

Sunflowers remain by the warmth of the water and manure tea bins.


  1. Looks so Idyllic and peaceful!


    1. Thanks…it is! i love living here, all is simple and unfussy!


  2. eremophila

    I love your placement of the succulent by the statue, wonderful choice of plant. Very happy hens 🙂


    1. It’s fun funding places for plants! Hens make wonderful pets, don’t you think? The eggs then become gifts!


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