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Sunset yesterday, purple and lilac filled the colour palette that was the evening sky in the west of Ireland. Such incredible beauty on a February day!

Wayne from the Organic Gardens at Knockvicar, near Ballyfermoyle, left me this poster yesterday…as you can see it’s advertising a Seed Swap Day! This is a time for people to come together and swap seeds collected last year! It’s a great way of acquiring all those seeds one would normally have to buy…and we do not want to support Monsanto now, do we?

Broken in the line of duty: one spade and one garden fork! I know what I want for my birthday!

This is the tunnel today after hours of work yesterday…the post winter tidy up…just have to wash the plastic, inside and out…still, the weather’s great!

“Regardless of geographical region or culture gardening is perhaps the most common and shared experience of Nature.”
― S. Kelley Harrell

“Our most important job as vegetable gardeners is to feed and sustain soil life, often called the soil food web, beginning with the microbes. If we do this, our plants will thrive, we’ll grow nutritious, healthy food, and our soil conditions will get better each year. This is what is meant by the adage,  “Feed the soil not the plants.”
― Jane Shellenberger


  1. Collette, I am a fan of the website: No Unsacred Place. Here is the Earth Dweller’s Creed from that site. I find it very affirming. I hope you enjoy it. Eric

    I believe in the Cosmos, the Mystery at the Heart of All,
    Self-creating, self-organizing, self-sustaining.

    I believe in Earth, a living planet, our home.
    Conceived in the Big Bang,
    It evolves myriad forms,
    Suffers extinctions and upheavals,
    But endures, adapts, and thrives.
    To it all life returns;
    From it all life rises up.
    It makes each moment a heaven
    For all who are present to What Is.
    It holds the living and the dead and does not judge.

    I believe in the holiness of being,
    the spiritual authority of the individual,
    the communion of loved ones,
    the acceptance of consequences,
    the recycling of the body,
    and the Story everlasting.

    Blessed be.

    p.s. Your package is still in the assembly phase. I am going to a seed swap this afternoon to gather some seeds to include in the shipment. Blessings to you and all your critters. Hope Missy is feeling better.

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