As Evening Approaches…

The evening approaches…

Taking Jack out for a walk was pleasant as the air was still and warm.

One of the first real signs of Spring is birdsong…excessive birdsong…morning, noon and evening!

The gardens here at Bealtaine are taking on some extraordinary colours as the spring proceeds.

White, cream, shades of pink and amber…all these colours represent the life force awakening!

Jack is driven mad with scents…of the badger, hare, frog, all traversing the ground as the earth awakens!

Buds are beginning to appear on one of the Pear trees near the cottage.

The young Lilac tree has a thickening of green buds.

Moss that has spent the winter covering the ground, is beginning to loosen and rise in clumps, as the grass beneath it pushes upwards, towards the light.

Catkins hang majestically from the Hazel trees.

The leaves of the Blackcurrant are opening.



  1. Thank you so much for sharing this webiste with us. you are living my dream. I have always wanted to live selfsufficiently, and now that my children are with me i want to teach them all the things that life can give them without having to “run to the shops”. im saving my jar of pennies to get me some land and a little home to move into, and looking at your pictures has given me so much inspriation and hope. thank you 🙂

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