Permaculture is…

Permaculture is… a design system…

 It’s a simple and effective way to apply  the principles of ecology in the design of sustainable human habitats.

Building a veranda on the south side of Bealtaine Cottage was a practical and sustainable  way of applying the principles…there is now an all-weather area in which to shelter and store humans, plants and fuel.

 Permaculture is not just about growing things.

Although permaculture focuses on food production, it is more than just food, as it embraces every aspect of living holistically on this Earth…with this Earth!

kitchen windowAll aspects of living well, such as health, and education, are integrated in this new way of living… Aspects of community and architecture, especially living architecture and always sustainable architecture…using locally source materials, especially wood.

It brings sustainability into all aspects of life, even art, as in the stained glass wheel of life using beer bottles!

Permaculture uses resources from, essentially, three main areas.

These are nature, traditional systems…as in the application of permaculture principles at this old stone cottage, and modern scientific /technological knowledge.

DSC03124Embracing knowledge and applying it in a permaculture way is one way of describing what I do here at Bealtaine Cottage.  

DSC08011For example, retro-fitting the cottage for maximum insulation using minimum £resources, such as sheep’s wool for insulation in the cottage and fertility on the hungry land!

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  1. Your veranda looks so welcoming, I could sit there all day looking at the beautiful view of your garden. Thank you so much you have inspired me to rethink the planting in my garden. I love my cottage but spend a lot of time in my old summerhouse at the bottom of my garden, with my log fire and candles and Blacky my cat. Xxxx

      • I have rediscovered permaculture, I saw Bill on the box, way back 1980 something, dabbled got caught up in family and work. Now I’m getting older, bit more time, trying again. You are an inspiration, thanks.

  2. Oh My, everything has greened up; just lovely. Did you make the stained glass tree of life? Stunning. I could sit on your veranda all day.
    thanks for the walk around…J

    • The stained glass was made by an artist named Matty Black…an exceptionally talented guy! I love to support the Arts and save birthday and Christmas money to indulge my love of art!

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