Birds in the Nesting Box at Bealtaine Cottage…

Small birds have taken up residence in one of the many bird boxes placed around the cottage and permaculture gardens.

As they spend the day darting to and fro I watch them from the window or as I walk back to the cottage from the vegetable garden.

Today, I managed to film them. I think they are Bluetits.

Anyway, here they are…but you’ll have to be fast!



  1. Lovely, we have wagtails nesting in our chiminea, beautiful round nest with 4 little eggs in it, just hoping they are safe there. We had turned the chiminea round to face the wall and put an old frying pan over the top to stop the rain going in, they obviously decided it made a nice dry house for their nest.

    • That sounds amazing…these little birds are very creative when it comes to making their homes! I hope all goes well and you enjoy seeing the family raised. Colx

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