A New Kitchen for 50 euros? Easy!

The walls painted and stencilled, the floor painted and sealed, there was little to do except sew the new curtains.

A mass of green gingham fell into my lap, enough for the job, so I set about sewing and hanging…

Frugality and simplicity are cornerstones of permaculture, so simple curtains, made from sustainable cotton are an easy way to complete a re-decoration.

The time sewing them was interspersed with baking a cake and listening to a podcast.

Multi-tasking is easy.

Life is simple and abundant.

The first curtains are hung on the west window.

I shall leave the top windows uncovered until late Autumn, just before the winter draws in…

Both windows are now finished and I even had enough material left for curtaining the sink area.

Now to find some nice material to sew a table cloth…


I have completed the kitchen…new floor, new walls, new curtains and hangings and all for less than 50 euros.


  1. Your cottage is absolutely adorable. And your gardens are stunning. I have been reading your blog since Feb. I look forward to your blogs. I am new to permaculture and your blog has been so helpful and inspirational. Thank you so much.

    • Thank you for your kind words. I always hope that this blog inspires and helps others towards a better life…so, thank you once more for saying so!

  2. It looks wonderful! I had green gingham curtains several kitchens ago, it was one of my favorites! Used red accents in that kitchen, and pots of geraniums on the windowsills.

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