Walking in the Edible Garden This Morning…

It’s amazing what a little rain manages to achieve in a growing vegetable bed.

This is the new raised bed constructed less than a week ago and already settled into the garden.

All plants were grown on in trays, then pots to give them a fighting chance against the all-invasive Irish slug…so far, so good!

Potatoes are all growing well in the old compost area from last year…the ground is full of nutrients. I move the compost area each year as a way of bringing fertility to as much of the ground as possible.

Comfrey is growing to grand heights, majestic and abundant in the days before harvesting.

Walking around the edible garden this morning was a heavily scented experience as the rain last night pushed up earthy perfumes from the garden.

This is a tiny fraction of the berry harvest growing here, this morning, at Bealtaine Cottage.

These are Jostaberries, a cross between a blackcurrant and a gooseberry…they are delicious!

The path to the tunnel is bordered with foxgloves, beautiful in their ascendency this morning. You can see the Oregano and Blackcurrant cutting growing happily underneath.

And look what was waiting for me in the tunnel…

And on the way back from the tunnel, stopping by the shed, I spotted this beautiful Valerian growing single-mindedly against the side of the building… wilful and independent…


    • There is much work now in just keeping the paths open…I have taken my tea in the gardens this morning and have had to struggle at some points just to keep walking the closing in paths…

  1. I have less land, useing the ground that surrounds the house in a city. I enjoy the challenge. I get ideas from your speaking of how the plants are living together at Bealtaine Cottage. Your words help me think in less traditional ways. My indignous sage is competting with my grandmothers mint (which I have been unable to find a botanical id for). I will come up with a salution. Thank you for pushing me even further out of the box. RoseMary

  2. Just wanted to say hi and to let you know how much I have enjoyed reading your blog posts – you are an inspiration! Martin x

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