Eggs For Swap and other interesting ideas!

Despite the worst of the weather over the past two months, the raised beds planted out about eight weeks ago are producing abundantly!

Continual rain has not deterred production.

Even the grey skies have not stopped or slowed down growth…could this be anything to do with the stones used in constructing the beds and the white gravel which reflects whatever light there may be?

It certainly is a most unusual micro-climate that has been made here in the west of Ireland.

The beds themselves sit atop gravel, so are really well-drained.

They are lined along the bottom with sheep’s wool, which deters slugs and feeds the plants.

The area is well sheltered and south facing.

No harsh winds manage to invade this micro-climate area as the surrounding trees and bushes offer maximum protection.

Today’s video takes you around what is growing in the two beds.

You can click on the link at the bottom of this blog to access the video on YouTube!

I have plans to build another raised bed in this same area very soon…perhaps this week.

On another note entirely, I went along to the Boot-Sale in Carrick this morning and bought a fine addition to the kitchen, as you can see above, for a mere 20 euros!

Recycling at it’s best!

I am planning to get some hens this week and my dear friends Anne and Simon have offered me a fine cockerel to chaperone the girls.

I am making a sign to hang at the end of the lane…it will read, “Eggs For Swap” as swapping is much more beneficial than money!

I’m thinking, perhaps a bag of logs for some deliciously fresh eggs…or whatever is offered within reason…anyway, it should be much more fun than boring old money!


  1. We are getting our chickens this week too and we are very excited! Can hardly wait. We have already chosen names for our four brown hens – Edith, Ethel, Bellina and Mildred – all little old lady names that we think are appropriate for little brown hens. We intend to sell/swap our surplus eggs although lots of people near us have their own chickens. I suppose we will just have to do lots of baking! By the way what was your bargain from Carrick, you forgot to include a photo. We think of you often and tell everyone to check out the blog so hope you can see the numbers going up. Love and blessings -Terri

    • Oh, that made me laugh out loud…I love the names!
      Yes, the pic will be included today…I keep running out of space and have to delete pics from much earlier blogs…but there is a love who is going to buy me extra space on the wordpress upload for my birthday in October!
      Birthdays are good for wishes!
      Bright Blessings to you both X

  2. Colx,
    How exciting about the hens. I just love mine and wouldn’t be without them. I love your idea about trading. I Have so many eggs with a limited number of people that buy them. This would be so much fun. You have rain and we have had none. Very hot and humid. today we finally got some rain today but need days of it to recover .
    My best to you/

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