Recycling for Profit!

Recycling can be done in many different ways.

It’s not just about pushing used bottle and jars into a recycling bin!

Here at Bealtaine Cottage most of the contents of my home are recycled household items.

I have added to the kitchen  contents with this lovely wall shelving, bought second-hand at the Boot Fair in Carrick-on-Shannon over the weekend.

It cost me 20 euros…a bargain and I didn’t even have to barter, as this was the asking price which I thought was fair, so paid it.

It’s perfect in my kitchen!

I also bought a Bread Bin for 4 euros…in the same colour as I painted the floor.

I never know what treats await me as I forage through the Fair on a Sunday morning…and last Sunday I arrived home with three items for my cottage, the last being this unusual mirror, made from metal and looking slightly Gothic!

It seemed to fit perfectly beside the door to the porch, reflecting the Victorian wash-stand by the opposite wall.

There are so many different and interesting ways to recycle…it’s not just about glass and cans!

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12 years Goddess-inspired Permaculture at Bealtaine Cottage, West of Ireland...drop in, power up!

6 thoughts on “Recycling for Profit!

  1. It is funny that I am just reading your post about the kitchen shelving. My brother recently “rescued” a very similar one from a cottage being torn down (so they can put up a McMansion). He also rescued some doors. After I do a little sprucing up on the shelves they will hold my spices in my kitchen, they have the same bead-board paneled back as yours.

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  2. Hi Colette,

    What lovely treasures you have found. Wish there was a Car Boot Fair near us as i love a good rummage and I love second hand bargains. I agree with your comments on the left about suburban lawns even out here in the country – depressing! Hopefully you will come to clifden soon and give a talk about permaculture. I’ll give you a shout when the premises is ready. Alternatively, are there any dates between Sept and Nov that would suit you?


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