The Protected Badgers of Bealtaine Cottage

Badgers are set to be culled in Britain.

A sad day for this beautiful creature, once more castigated and scorned by man!

Man has blamed Badgers for illness among cattle, despite constant injecting and manipulation of herds by man.

Cattle are seen as an “Agri-industry,” and are often referred to as such.

The real welfare and needs of these animals are often over-looked in the drive for yet more production of milk and flesh…so the Badger suffers the penalty for what is not fully understood!

Kill the Badger is the cry of the Ministry of Agriculture.

Gas them, shoot them, trap them…but kill them!

But, stop!

Have you ever looked into the eyes of a badger?

I have…and I can tell you it is akin to meeting an ancient dweller of this sacred Earth…un-nerving to say the least.

And after the initial shock, a kind of emotional trauma descends, making one want to cry…and I have.

We kill what we fail to understand, or connect with.

And as our own life begins to ebb on this sacred Earth, we are the worse for it…our loss as we wrap ourselves in layers of consumer death.

The Badgers of Bealtaine Cottage will live…but how many will be killed, their sacred journeys through moonlit fields over…our loss.


  1. a happy lughnasa to all inhabitants of bealtaine cottage.

    i feel so sad regarding the magestic badgers and agree that they are wise old souls.
    my son went for a walk and saw quite a few dead animals, not just badgers (though sadly he saw four of them had perished in fairly close proximity) . it seems the killers were unable to stop there and went on to kill all the animals in their sight including a hare, several birds too. many tears have been shed for them.
    part of this world is feeling decidedly unhinged at present but thankfully many sane people remain and as other readers have said there are changes for the better too and a lot folk care a great deal about the things that are really important.
    it fills me with joy each day to see your beautiful safe haven. i am working to create something similar in my tiny patch.
    you teach and inspire far and wide.

    warm blessings xxx

    • There is only one law, I do believe…The Law of the Divine, “Do no harm.”
      There are so many good people who observe this simple guide to Eden.
      Bless you all x

  2. I have noticed an increase in badger carcasses on the roads in Southern England, perhaps because they are more numerous or perhaps because they are being destroyed and thats where they end up. Shame on those who destroy this magical creature without thought or heed to the natural beauty and order of things. My first sighting ever (of a live badger) was trespassing on a country park, I didn’t know at the time. I was walking my beloved dog, now passed and The One. We all three just stopped at the same time and stared at Brock, down by the stream snuffling in the damp earth, followed by another and some young. A magical, heartwarming uplifting experience beyond mere words. For some reason the lead badger made me think of fairies!

    Am I going mad? Tanks Colx another great post.

    • You are right…trust your first intuitive reaction, for they are connected to magical, wonderful Earth, Fairies and all, for as nocturnal creatures they are more elementally charged than we. Oh, blessed be the Badger!
      Beautiful story, magical indeed! Thanks for sharing that here. X

      • I am so enthralled by all the wonderful people who responded above! I just had to look up “badgers” online to see what they look like…now THAT is pretty sad. I have always heard of them, but never saw one, or if one was dead on the side of the road, I didn’t recognize what it was. They are truly beautiful animals! It says online that, in America, the badgers often hunt together with cayotes, who were once their enemies….now I have indeed seen a cayote. People in my city dont’ want cayotes around… since we have built the city further and further out into the countryside, we have taken over the cayote’s habitat. No wonder the cayote and badger now hunt together…THEY ARE TRYING TO STAY ALIVE! We’ve taken away all their land and call it “ours”. If a cayote eats a pet left outdoors at night, people want them all killed. Well, people, quit building your cities of concrete and steel so far out into the land that there is nothing left alive there! What are they supposed to do? Colette, thank you for what you are doing, and saving a haven for the badger and all the other creatures who are blessed to be living on your smallholding.

        • I am truly blessed they choose to live here, near to me.
          The magical energy they exude is what buoys me up every day.
          You are right in what you say about the need for us to co-exist and share this beautiful Earth with all living creatures, for that is surely paradise.
          If we all do a little it will be a lot.
          Bless you for caring and sharing X

          • I live in the capital of Wisconsin, USA and feel the same as all that posted. I care for a wild field the city has left behind. Yea! Several blocks from my home. It is tucked back between the old gravel pits and a farm house and barn that grow flowers for sale. Two acres of nature. I feed the deer there in the winter who come down the rail road tracks to the open water in an old pit mine. I do not want them eating the houses bushes just a street away and making themselves vulnerable. The road they cross is dangerous enough. It is not a task I am doing, it is a spiritual calling asked of me from the Mother, Mother Earth. I am blessed by this in so many ways. Many of a like mind have helped me. Blessing and greetings to all around the world who protect the wild still here.

            • It is so heartening to read all this…so many good people on this Earth…Bless you!
              Helping Mother Earth is our real connection to the Divine.
              We are in a state of spiritual preparedness and awakening.

  3. Happy Lughnasa Colette. I hope you are enjoying this first day of Harvest time. The weather here was very wet and windy yesterday and this morning but it has cleared up now and is bright and warm with some sunshine. We have badgers living wild near us and sometimes, if we are lucky, they cross our path if we are returning home in the dark. Unfortunately there are some people who think it is “sport” to drive over them or knock them down. I understand how you feel because I get a real sense of grief when I see them pushed to the side of the road. As for the debate about TB being spread to cattle by badgers I think it is all a load of old nonsense so that vet pharma can sell antibiotics and medicine to farmers and if such medication did actually work, then why worry about badgers? Just keep believing that things are improving and the world is slowly beginning to change, thank Goddess. x

  4. Thank you for sharing your story about the Badgers of Bealtaine. It is indeed heartbreaking to think that these beautiful harmless creatures are continually hunted down and killed because of a perceived threat to cattle – who in turn are perceived simply as ‘units of stock’. Well done for protecting your badgers, and for offering sanctuary and respect to the other creatures and plants who are fortunate enough to share your land and lifestyle. I will certainly check out and sign any website petitions I can find.

  5. I am so sorry about the Badgers. We have similar plights here in America. Beavers are killed everyday. People don’t want animals that inconvience them. I have taken in many cats over the years, now there are 2 more on my doorstep. Somehow people think its fine to drop them off near a farm. I just wonder how these poor animals feel being dropped off or thrown from a car. It is so good to have links to like minded people all over the world. Just knowing that we all are working for a better world makes it easier. We can educated people and campaign against the injustices against animals. Is there someone we could e-mail?
    Carole Adams
    Whispering Pines Farm

    • This is a petition site for the UK which I have signed, even though I live in Ireland.
      There are probably petitions online for where you are.
      Every little bit helps, even this blog…for look how we are sharing our concerns.
      Talking about it spreads the word! …

  6. I have never, ever seen a badger, so I have a feeling they are not exactly “loved” in America either. It is truly heart-breaking what is happening to them, and to this earth.

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