The Return of the Divine Feminine and Earth Healing.

For several thousands of years there has been a dominance of patriarchal religion.

The role of women has been greatly suppressed and undermined.

As a consequence, we have forgotten and been denied the sacred power of the divine feminine.

As a woman growing up here in Ireland I was taught that God was male and women were subservient at all times to the male.

The role of the feminine was diminished at all levels of society.

I recall my mother having to endure a ceremony called, “being churched,” after childbirth.

The RC church regarded my mother and all like her as being “dirty,” following childbirth and that only a male priest could cleanse her and make her fit for the world in which she lived.

Mother was not allowed to attend church until this ceremony had been conducted.

Imagine a world where giving birth to a sacred human being made one unclean in the eyes of God?

Without the divine feminine in our lives, we impoverish ourselves of the sacred meaning and divine purpose of being alive.

Without the divine feminine in our lives we lose our ability to heal, understand, nourish and empower ourselves and our world.

We allow the ignorance of patriarchy to diminish what we know to be sacred and special.

Without the understanding of the divine feminine we submit to chaos and fear.

The Earth and her inhabitants have had enough of chaos and fear…

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    • Thank you for your blog entries, I share your love of Mother Nature. This post is beautiful and really says it all! It is comforting to hear a voice from a stranger that resonates within your own heart. If you have the time I would very much like to hear your opinion of my recent post regarding the same subject matter. Blessed Be x
      Thank you for the link.
      I have read your blog and was mindful to think on, so left a comment.
      This is a wonderful time we step into.
      The Divine Feminine is manifesting as a heady mix of compassion and courage.
      Bealtaine Cottage Blessings to you

  1. My mother was “churched” too. She didn’t really understand what the significance was. It was available for me too 25 years ago but I said no thanks. Fortunately, there is some change. I have recently met a number of men who are dedicated to the Divine Feminine and it is extremely uplifting to hear them speak of their love for the Goddess. More women needed though to “come out” and stand up and be counted. Power in num bers.

  2. What you have said is so profound. I think because we have lost this connection to the Divine Feminine and the Earth’ healing power, it is the root of most of the human world’s problems!!!!! I too was raised in the Roman Catholic church. I have seen in my own family how women have been treated by this patriarchial system. My parents were divorced in 1960. My mother had 3 babies within 4 years, and as a 22 year old girl was basically told that her life was over, she could never remarry (which to her was the ultimate deathblow). In fairness to my father I think that as he had also been raised in the Catholic school system, that all this Divine Feminine creation of babies terrified him.
    It has been obvious that the Catholic Church is afraid of and despises the Divine Feminine and it also has no regard for the Earth and its creatures. I believe that even with all their power, there has always been an ancient part of our conscience or DNA that remembers this connection to the Divine Feminine and the Earth’s healing power. My Grandmother was a very strict Catholic, I don’t remember her teaching me my prayers, but I have always remembered her telling me that as a young child, when she was upset about something, she would go up to the hill behind her house and lay on top of the ground and feel the Earth under her. It would calm her and she always felt better afterwards. Little glimmers but they are there.

    • What a fantastic and wonderful story about your grandmother…we all carry that intuitive sense of knowing what to do, to keep ourselves centred, within us, and it powers us to be hopeful and compassionate human beings.
      So true in what you say…”little glimmers are always there.”
      Bright Blessings to you.

  3. Colx, A powerful and lifting message. Thank you!

    I am so sorry to hear your Mum had to undergo a “purification” ritual to get back to church. What hypocrisy! The church that, in order to bring in the goddess worshipers, elevated Mary to Goddess status. All of this coming from a bunch of guys who dress like mother and want to be called father……. give me a break!

  4. What a sad statement on the Church that women are considered “unclean” after childbirth. Its far worse in the US, where women are considered doormats by some of our politicians. In the US, these politicians are trying to take away women’s rights to healthcare, equal pay, and trying to drive us back to the 6th Century. Its positively barbaric to treat women like cattle. These politicians seem to forget it was a woman who gave them life. And billionaires are giving hundreds of millions of dollars in “dark money” to push this agenda. Truly evil.

    • It behoves us all to embrace and nurture respect for the feminine and to reject, utterly, any notion that directs otherwise.
      The Earth has been abused as the rights of women have been diminished.
      Time for change…let us instigate this with dignity and intelligence!
      Power to you,

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