Driven Headlong by Passion…

Walking along country lanes in late September is a joy, when wrapped up warm.

The sun shines bright, but there is a chill in the air.


Colours are brightening before the leaves finally shed their food onto the earth, replenishing the soil and adding fertility for the next growing season.

Cows muster around hedges, watching the road for signs of movement, for they are curious and social animals.

Autumn walks are precious.

The colours of autumn lead towards Samhain, pronounced, “Sow-een,” the end of summer proper and the start of winter.

Many know this festival today as Halloween.

The festival of Samhain is an ancient Celtic one.

Traditionally, there were many festivals celebrated to mark the passing of the seasons and indeed this celebratory feasting and dancing was noted by other, more formal civilizations.

The Celtic characteristics of spontaneity and passion were remarked upon by many in the Classical World…”I say…in everything they attempt, they are driven headlong by their passions and never submit to the laws of reason.” written by the Greek Historian, Polybius[200-118BCE] 

Such characteristics form part of the driving force which propels me here at Bealtaine Cottage.

The matrilinear society I come from encourages connections with, and observations of, the natural world, that is, for me, the driving force behind Permaculture.
Dragon's Breath at Bealtaine Cottage 034

An aspect of the present day sickness of consumer driven materialism is the alienation of many in society, from the natural world and certainly, many of the so-called celebrations of today are corporation rackets and little more!

Roman society was predominantly patriarchal and much of western civilization is based upon the Roman model of governance and living.

Celtic Cross at Bealtaine CottageCentralized forms of government are now the norm., in the developed world, leaving communities behind or confining them to the edges of importance.

Within the framework of my life, based solely on the approaches of Permaculture, I am driven by the influences of my Celtic predecessors with their more harmonious and indeed balanced approach to life.

It is a way of living outside of the dictates of consumerism.


  1. Reblogged this on Bealtaine Cottage and commented:

    Roman society was predominantly patriarchal and much of western civilization is based upon the Roman model of governance and living.


  2. How liberating to just stand and stare, like the cows…..we can learn from these beautiful calm animals.


    1. Cows are very social animals and very much dominated by the matriarch. I adore these animals.


  3. Such beautiful poetry of words here! I love the way you think…so very much like myself!


  4. eremophila

    Reblogged this on Eremophila’s Musings.


  5. I have such a passion for this way of life too! It just feels right and you are such an inspiration. I am expecting my first shipment of trees in the beginning of October can’t wait! Went thrift store shopping this afternoon and am going to an informational meeting on nuclear waste management on Sunday. I live in Michigan close to the beautiful Lake Huron which Canada is considering depositing their waste next to. Sigh and so it goes…there has to be a better way!


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    1. More people every day are questioning their quality of life in the truest sense…our journey here is short and there is little room for mediocrity in a life well lived.
      Lead from the front, question everything and laugh lots!


  6. Oh I love the “girls” in the first photo..lovely.

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  7. Lovely pictures and lovely words to bring me back to what really matters. Thanks!


  8. solsticemonk

    Good morning you Irish vegan, a temptress with gorgeous scones and fresh mushrooms! This also is my favorite time of year and I join your celebration of the “gathering about” of food, clothes, fire and wisdom – not to mention copious cuddle time with the critters. Here is a fun Facebook page you might find enjoyable:



    1. Thanks for the link, Eric and I’m happy to share the scones, but you’ll have to visit Bealtaine Cottage…always welcome of course!


  9. ~Are those Scones…I’m coming for tea :)))~


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